From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Old Poetry

That awkward moment when wordpress tries to make itself more like tumblr so people don’t stop using it. haha.

Anyway, some of you may or may not have read my poetry, but here’s one of my favorites:

They say you’re bad for me, 
But I think that’s why I keep coming back,
I think we both know this love will never be, 
I guess this love is like a snack.

But somehow it became so much more.
There’s so much embedded in that dark skin 
Tell me this, is love a pleasure or a chore?
To me, you’re an unhealthy addiction.

Every time I think of you my chest explodes, 
My mind fills with photos, memories and such.
I go through a mixture of emotions and modes. 
Maybe there *is* such thing as too much.

When it comes to my love of chocolate, 
There are very few things that can topple it.

–10/29/11 ♥

If you thought this poem was directed at you, I’m sorry haha. ilyouguys<3

Not goodbye, but hello

I was looking at my stats for this blog, and it turns out that I still get anywhere from four to sixty-four views a day. It’s not much, but it was still enough to move me. Even years after the I stopped posting, people still drifted back here, back to what remained of Dizzywood.

However, I have never formally issued a goodbye because I don’t believe in goodbyes. Truth be told, I’m still here. I’m still the geeky kid who sat on her blog, who made videos, who wrote stories, who wasn’t afraid to act like a moron, and who loved you all very much. I promised you I’d always be around, and I still am. If you ever send me an email ( I will always reply no matter what. Perhaps I can even make you smile, because I would like nothing more.

I’ll have to admit, I’ve never cared much for remembering people or their personalities. To me, everyone is a different version of the same thing. However, one in a while, someone or something comes along that I will never forget. Dizzywood was one of those things. To me, dizzywood is like a distant dream. A universe full of kids that accepted and trusted one another no matter what their parents or society said. A universe that you might spend hours on just in case one of your friends logged in. A universe where complete strangers became best friends in a moment. A universe where you judged people, not by their looks, but by who they were. And perhaps these are all values we can carry into our real lives, into our real universe, to make it that much better. And always remember, don’t cry because the journey’s over, smile because it happened. Very few people ever got to see this universe, and you were one of them 🙂

I hope that just as I have remembered all of you, that you remember me. I hope that you remember me for my individuality or sense of humor. Lastly, I hope you understand that no matter what happens in your life, whether I know you personally or not, I am always here. 🙂



NutellaNutella <3

About a year ago, was my first time. To be honest, I didn’t like it that much. It was like brown peanut butter. Then, like 2 months ago, some girls were talking about the wonders of nutella in art class. All the ways they talked about it made me drool. On strawberries, waffles, bread. I went home and got a spoon and decided to give nutella a chance. I ended up finishing the whole jar.

And now, I am the proud member of two nutella fan clubs 🙂


Been feeling empty lately? Go buy nutella. Patch those holes in your heart with some hazelnut goodness 🙂




Hi people! Guess what? It’s thanksgiving! I haven’t been posting for a while, I know. That’s because I have been hard at work at this AMAZING drawing that took me .05 seconds to draw 🙂

I labeled it, in case you can't tell 😉

Ain’t it something? I know, I know. Since you all like my drawings so much, I drew you THIS, too.

To all my minion middle schoolers that use this site: I’m actually about to beg you to fail Eighth grade. There are many reasons for his. Such as:


Okay, that’s my only real reason. But it’s enough reason. I hate to break it to you– but High School sucks even more than middle school. You don’t get “more freedom” no matter what Disney channel says. You’re surrounded by acne-fied teenagers (until you realize that you’re one too). You get teachers that like to lecture you about how you’re “not in middle school anymore”. And then there’s also all the sophmores & juniors who spend their free time complaining about freshmen. I think the only real perk of being in 9th grade is telling little kids I’m a high schooler and watching them bow down in sheer respect at my ultimate wisdom. Except that doesn’t really work for me because none of the kids ever believe me– they claim I’m too short. But never fear. One day, me and my blog minions will rule the world. BWHAHAHAHA.

Don’t stay in school,

No wait, I meant Beauties. Seriously, I meant BEAUTIES…

It’s weird. WordPress has completely changed it’s format so I have no idea what the heck I’m doing. I could be posting this to kka’s site for all I know 🙂 And what happened to the edit changes, like the ability to make words pink and blue or BOLD or highlighted?

Anyways, I’m not “quitting” but I’m not coming back to WordPress either. Remember you can ALWAYS talk to me by commenting on this blog (which emails me if I get a comment) or talking to me on twitter (I’m vinathi on twitter. No surprise there).

Letters from me to me.

Since it’s Potter week, I’m going to start my post with a secret. A very, very dear secret. Okay, here it is: I’m almost thrilled the last Harry Potter finally came out. At first I thought it was going to be a fad so I didn’t watch the movies, and now, 7 or so long years later, it’s finally over. Is it just me or does the atmosphere feel awkward?

SOOO anyways I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. If you really care to know what I’m doing / reviewing, you would follow my twitter (which of course is Vinathi). I added two new games to the game page, by the way. Also, happy birthday kka 🙂

So the main point of this post is that I discovered this amazing new site called where you can write a letter that gets mailed to your self whenever you want. It’s pretty epic. Another thing is that you can read other people’s letters if they choose to make them public, which is pretty entertaining. Here’s one I found:

K, toodles 🙂