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This is going to have all my poems and mini stories and masterpieces on it. It’s not done yet. My cookie minions have been slacking off xD


The OBFF Poem:

~An OBFF is key word for online BFF for when you’re writing in a journal or something. Not that I own a journal. Or that I wrote this poem in my journal. Or that I’m lying when I say I didn’t write this poem in the journal that, by the way, I most definitely don’t have. Ehem.~

Long distance friendship,

can be the dearest of all

between you and the real world

build a wall

Meet someone new

Someone you never knew

soon they’ll be close to your heart

though you may live far apart

Talk to them about everything

you’ll feel strangely at ease

Say what’s on your mind

your sadness will cease.

by me 🙂

Worlds away

Anything can happen

Fairies, robots, butterflies

A book worlds away


The crystal blue pond

The emerald green frog

The loud, vibrant splash.


The powered go corrupt

All destruction does prevail

The world sits, watching

Chocolate Milk

TruMoo chocolate

Fat-free, creamy, heavenly

Forget your worries

~okay so about the chocolate milk poem, there’s this great chocolate milk and it tastes like hot chocolate but cold. Is it strange that I’m writing haikus about chocolate milk?~


Comments on: "Me-made Stuff!" (4)

  1. That is completely normal.

    I love the purple-text one:D it rhymes. Though there might be a typo? ‘Seize’ is to capture, you might have meant ‘cease’ which is to end lol.

    Chocolate milk poem- So. True.

  2. Haha, nice to know that I’m not a creep! And thanks for liking my poem 😛 I’ll change it to cease xD I actually spent a long time deciding if I should use “cease” or “sieze”

  3. Here’s my Haiku

    Writing a Haiku
    Haikus don’t have to make sense

    The last word is prob. spelled wrong (dont have time for a dictionary)

  4. this is Ayah

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