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My chatbox:

HEY RANDOM PERSON WHO JUST CAME TO THIS PAGE! Welcome to ..drum roll.. the chat page. Well, anyway look around and remember the #1 rule….


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  1. I like your website. Cute. Checked out CP, which I promised my daughter I would check it out a while ago. So thanks. I think it might be a little too advanced for her. Shes 6, you play it? What do you think?
    Cute smilies, Love the DOLPHINS! Huge Dolphins Freak here!
    keep up the good work and I will be checking back!

  2. Thanks. I like Clubpenguin. It’s not really advanced caz’ no onne really talks. My sister is 7 and she’s played it since she was six. Thanks for the compliment…….. I REALLY ENJOY READING COMMENTS!

  3. Oh and this isn’t my full website… it’s just a portion of but you can’t comment there so I made a blog so you could say a thing or two.

  4. Gameprogirl said:

    Do you like tuna, Vinathi???? Darn…i shoudlent said tuna…now i want some…

    YOU SAY TUNA?!?!?!?!? I LOVE TUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. GameproGirl said:

    TUNA RULES!!!!! you play club penguin, too? I’ve been playing club penguin for two years before I’ve even heard of dizzywood

    Clubpenguin was my second website ever. My website is like 2 months old. i was one of the first on dizzywood except I came right after the Haloween party. Dizzywood was created during Haloween.

    Take this quiz:

  6. GameproGirl said:

    I’ve been playing dizzywood for uhhhh… i think for 2-3 months

    What did you get on the quiz? Blu designed it. You should check out the help page.

  7. Are you a Beta in DW?

    Beta means not completed. I don’t think I am………

  8. GameproGirl said:


    WOW! WHO WROTE ‘Beta means not complete, I don’t think i am………’!!! INTRUDER!!!!!! Or maybe it was me. I’m sure I’m all attached tho

    ! ,Lolz dat was random….

    Lol. Ur a random person!

  10. So umm, how do you get a batty fox and birdy?

  11. You get it by the mines. THe mines are in Crystal Catocombs. GO through all the passages in the mines and collect the 4 parts to get a critter at the end.

  12. And, how do you make a gravatar like yours? Cause mine is just squares.
    Oh, and, if your an author of a blog, how do you post?

  13. I don’t have a gravatar. U have to have a wordpress. Thats all I know. I AM TRYING EVERYTHING TO GET A GRAVATAR!!!!

    If you are an author of a blog you post by logging into your wordpress account, and on the top black bar click add a post, then choose which blog you want to add a post to.

  14. For the gravatar thingie, I mean by using a pic to put on the box thingie like yours, and mine is just squares.

  15. I know what ur talking about and I have no idea how I’ll tell you when I figure out. okay?

  16. Nvm I did and I’m changing my name to GameproGirl3 cause it goes with my bloggy. It’s
    Now, how do u add authors?

  17. U HAVE A BLOGGY 😀 COOLIO! I commented.
    I am going to write a post about it.

  18. gameprogirl3 said:

    And, I changed my name. ^_^

  19. gameprogirl3 said:

    Grr, and, once again, like I mean how do you post if your an author of a different bloggy, Not yours.

  20. click new post.
    Then choose which bloggy you wanna post for.
    You’ll get used to wordpress. Nice gravatar BTW

  21. How do you pick which bloggy to post for?

  22. You don’t chose which blog ur an author for. To post for a bloggy you already are an author for click new post and chose which blog you wanna post for. Feel free to post on mine. I think I added you as a worker.

  23. gameprogirl3 said:

    You haven’t sent me the email to be a worker for your bloggy yet.

  24. I thought I did. I’ll go try again.

  25. gameprogirl3 said:

    Umm, okie dokie, so umm, you go on Poptropica, right? Iff you do, can you help me with this place called Super Power. Its where we’re super heroes and we have to capture those “Super villians” I haven’t capture anything villians, and Im stuck in the subway trian trying to get Speedy Spikey, I think. But, can you help me with that. If you already did that place, I’ll email you my password and username.

  26. ok. I’ll do it 😉

  27. My little sis just goes on youtube and types in the island name and the walkthrough. I’ll have it done by like….. the week after next.

  28. gameprogirl3 said:

    Oh, and I already capture Copy Cat.

  29. yea. she’s pretty easy


  31. LOLZ! Flying Bananas? (jumps off couch) Ouch!!!!!

  32. GameproGirl said:

    Umm, how do you add pics to your sidebar?

  33. I think you have to make it a blingee first and then put the HTML in your side bar. To make a blingee go to (of course)

    make a blingee. YOu can either not design it at all or degin it but at least it’ll be HTML, if you don’t feel like doing that, make a new post, upload the pic, and then copy the HTML and put it on ur sidebar.

  34. mysisterthevampirefan said:


  35. I think everyone knows CP :mrgreen:

  36. coolshun said:

    True that!
    hey Can i plz work for u?
    And I think Nitprin deletedv me for u

  37. OK! Oh and sorry that he deleted you!

  38. The REAL vinathi said:

    Hi Sara!! Remember me from Georgia?

  39. hi vinathi! i miss you!

  40. Hi real vinathi!!! =D

    Uhm…what’s your favorite song everyone??? =P
    Curiousty isn’t bad.

    I like loud songs. IDK why. And funny songs. Go to my favorites on youtube and there will be an allien song. It’s SO funny

  41. I mean like names of songs lol
    any song. My absolute favorite is “let’s dance” IDK why tho 😛

  42. I have a headache… ='(
    I am just gonna go read…. [sigh]

    ='[ .
    READ TOKYO MEW MEW! It’s very rare to find in english tho.

  43. Let’s Dance by who… hannah montana. 😯
    Tokyo mew mew sounds funneh. it is.
    But idk where to find it. =/ It’s probably at your public library. They know me there O.O
    Who’s the author? Meh goin to the library. It’s a manga series translated from Japenese by Mew Ichigo. Just ask the librarian if they have any.

  44. Me reading this book called the intruders. It scary. Yes meh get scary easily. yeh.
    I’m reading Tokyo mew mew, and the next part of the series, Tokyo Mew Mew A la Mode and Fairy Realm (just because I feel like reading a book for 7-year-olds) and Daughters of the moon and Goosebumbs. Daughters of the moon is probably the best 🙂

  45. kka2297 said:

    Past 3,000 hits ;D

  46. GameproGirl said:

    Try these gem codes:

    That’s all I know. :]


    PS: boozy. lolz. 😛

  47. LOL< I love that word ❤ BOZZY 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    The actual music video is very creepy to meh! NIGHTMARESsSSAAA.

    lol now I got it stuck in my heady. I’m gonna look up the music vid later on 😛

  49. COokies. me and you both on at same time. cool 😎 get on DW

  50. kka2297 said:


    I have no idea why I typed that.

    S is for SARA thats why you typed that 🙂

  51. 😀 😀 😀

  52. kka2297 said:

    Hey. Bored.

  53. Its amazing how my posts turned out to be the chat pages not this 😛

  54. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Yeah. xD

  55. Someone Hacked your account, I knew on kka’s video, Detective kka, And its chowdercat, Would you even be mad at her? Well especialy because with out permission but i’m sorry, Y

  56. Sorry Y stuced there, I continue saying that,
    You should answer o . o
    Anyways i forgot to put the name of the question so here’s it
    ( Are you mad for people hacking your account?)
    So Sorry its second to the message ehe

  57. um.. you might want to tell kka that. Post it on her blog.

  58. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol doesn’t exist xP I think…I didn’t click it. O.O
    My account wasn’t hacked. 😛

  59. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Well, I wouldn’t really call it “Hacking” if you told someone your password and they started to try stealing an account. That would just be stealing. 😛

  60. oh lol it doesn’t xD oops.
    Lol good point.

    when u have an enemy saying badwords to u, and u hav da same driver, how bout when yal driver has 4 kids on his cars that his gonna fetch to the house, when the driver fetchs the 1 kid to the house, while the driver opens the backdoor at the car, and get the bag, and return it to the kid, while ur waiting at the car, and the kid starts on saying badwords, say so, everytime, so when he/she says, stop saying that!, and when the driver catches him/her saying that, u say what r u talkin bout? i didnt say anything, lol it makes him crazy and random haha, once i did it 3 mins ago, he was like” ?????”‘ lol :), hes name is saymon, the evil lil brat i hate, the other won is prince, he makes me like an lil cat poopin on the bathroom, once i saw that on the youtube that letted me to puke down the bathroom, so anyways, for the chat online games, how bout try to move around the character? it would be fun, cuz once u done it twice or enough times, the character gets mad and report u ehhehe, but sometimes they leave hehehehe,ok next step for annoying ppl, on online games, how bout, try to copy there style, and when they talk, talk like her too, i mean by like example, she/he says cat, then u say cat, try it, it will make em say stop it ughhh, eheheeee! ill b typing moreeeee i just dnt have much time to type this all, o ya im typing rite now, hmm iratating, UGH TALKING! woww random


  63. GameproGirl said:

    Lol, I was reading the commentts 😀 Reminds of good times 😛

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting for a while… Been busy. A lot. o_o Well, honestly, I forget about your blog. ._.

    Fishh chippss, I’m gonna be marching in the JUnior Rose Parade today, one mile which will be like 40-1 hour long. :/ But the good thing is that the band isn’t going to be riding in a school bus, we’re gonna be riding in a bus that has a airline size bathroom. -.-

  64. Ikr? I do reread the comments a lot. It’s fun.

    S’okay, game. I do it all the time O_O

    Omg I’m so happy for you (should I be happy? =P) What instrument do you play?

  65. GameproGirl said:

    Yeah, reminds of the good old times 😀

    I play the flute and piccolo ^^;

    I’ve been watching too much anime lately, remember i told you about Naruto? I finally caught up and now I’m starting to watch Reborn 😛

  66. Ah.. memories (: I was so random back then 0_0

    Ooh.. cool 😀 Most of my friends play the violin. One of them plays the piano too and another just plays the tuba. The rest of them are in choir. I’m probably the only non-musical person there!

    I hope you can come to to the party!

    I started watching Peach girl.. it’s like a romance/drama type of anime. You can find the first 4 episodes in English but for the rest of them you need subtitles.

  67. Hallo,,
    I really like your blog, It’s really cool 😀
    I’m just curious can I add you too my blogroll?… If I haven’t already?

    ~Love Yapper xx.

    P.S Thanks :mrgreen:

  68. Vinathi said:

    Hello Yappers,
    Nice name 😀 You can add me to you blogroll. I’d add you too but my computer won’t let me LOG IN! Stupid thingy-ma-jigr!


  69. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    I miss u Vin, & everyone on DW! 😥 I can’t go on becuz it dnt work on mi comp. wen i log in 😥

  70. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    And, what did u use 4 ur Bloody Mary video? I SOO wanna get 1 😀

  71. Hey vin i need some help with my blog. And since im in a spanish country,the computer and keyboard is spanish. Like if you do left click, instead of copy is says copiar. Anyways like how do you make a costom poll and after that how do u post it on ur blog or something like that!i need help please! and how do u post cute little thigs on your sidebar like from and need hellllpppp!!
    P.S heres a cookie 😛 *gives cookie*

  72. Thats really weird lol. Well if you have a windows computer, you can go to Control Panel, and then Regional and Language options and switch the language to English.If that doesn’t work, then sorry, you’re doomed XD (btw there are some computer shortcuts for stuff that you can do. Look some up on Google. For example, Ctrl+C is copy)

    If you want to put things on your sidebar, get a “text” widget and put it on your sidebar and then you can add text and HTML codes inside. It’s very easy!

    To make a cutom poll, get on and make an account and then they make it pretty easy from there..!

    Tank you for da cookie ^-^

  73. Tank for da anserw! HEy, have you checked out mi pokemon page yet? and btw i thinnk it is windows. it says dell

  74. darnnit i went on a translation webstie and put in regional and its spelled the same way but i didnt see it on the controal pannel! 😦

  75. is says darn it. not the other word you were probobly thinkin of

  76. hey its me cherryrocker i just logged out and come check out my blog now! the sidebar is rlly cool all thanks to you! i ♥ u like a sista even though i neva met u b4! lol

  77. i think sometings rong. wheneva a post sumtin on kkas blog it neva works. do u know y?? O_o

  78. srry about the whole you-know-what thing. i wont do it again. 😦

  79. dont be sorry 😦 Its just safer for both of us, k?

  80. elloz its meh again and i gota question. i WAS gonna ask kka but my comments dont show up soo… like you kno how you can do like,bueno as a theme. Like when you go to choose it its just so UGLY (mabye i should say not pretty?) so like, how do you make it all pretty like how lal did the peace signs once

  81. You go to Dashboard, Appearance, and then backgrounds. Also, there’s a lot of other stuff you can customize under appearance depending on what theme you have (headers, backgrounds, so on)

  82. ok thank you!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  83. VampireShun said:

    Vin I envy u xP

  84. Why lol? Okay, I’ll make you a deal, if you envy me, I N V U too (see what I did there: I N V U=I envy you)

  85. HALLO xD . Can i become an author of this blog please?? Its its ok if ya say no. Just wondering….

  86. oW Best Friends Script
    Characters: All of us hopefully (Meaning animalcrossingwi, Fearless Warrior, Vinathi, kka2297, c00kiesweet99, and XxSunglarexX (anyone else who wants to join is welcome
    Backround Music: BFF Song – Listen to this while reading the script please. The video is 2:39 minutes so it should be perfect!!
    Type: Slideshow sort of thing

    Place: Flo’s café
    Kka2297: I want chocolate
    Animalcrossingwi: I want strawberry
    Kka2297: CHOCOLATE!!!
    Animalcrossingwi: STRABERRY!!

    Place: Wonderland
    Vinathi: Do you see that bear up there?
    C00kiesweet99: I see a pony
    Vinathi: BEAR!!!
    C00kiesweet99: PONY!!!

    Place: Someone’s condo
    Fearless Warrior: Toad licker
    XxSunglarexX: Fatso
    Fearless Warrior: Camel breath
    XxSunglarexX: Lame-o

    Place: Someone’s condo….again xP
    Everyone: But we are best friends! Forever!! And we won’t ever let that end, no never!!
    Vinathi: You are here for me
    Kka2297: And I am here for you!
    Everyone: ‘Cuz that’s what best friends do!!

    Place: Some judging place
    C00kiesweet99: Don’t you like that first picture??
    Vinathi: I like the second one best.
    C00kiesweet99: FIRST ONE!!
    Vinathi: SECOND ONE!!
    C00kiesweet99: Well, I guess I like the second one too.
    Vinathi: And the first one’s pretty cool too.

    Place: Soho
    Animalcrossingwi: We live in Soho. My family’s verrrry rich!
    Fearless Warrior: Well I live in Boardwalk. Another place that’s rich
    Animalcrossingwi: Yea, I guess it is
    Fearless Warrior: Ok 

    Place: Someone’s condo (just like the one above)
    Everyone: But we are best friends! Forever!! And we won’t ever let that end, no never!!
    Vinathi: You are here for me
    Kka2297: And I am here for you!
    Everyone: ‘Cuz that’s what best friends do!!

    Place: Boardwalk
    We’ll need everyone for this part.
    XxSunglarexX and Vinathi dressed up n00by-ish with Fearless, animal, cookie, and kka around us in better clothes
    Fearless Warrior: Look at those n00bs
    C00kiesweet99: Yea, they’re sooo n00by-ish
    Animalcrossingwi: Ewww
    Vinathi: We might be n00bs,
    XxSunglarexX: But we are the coolest ones ever!
    Vinathi: Yea!
    Kka2297: But you both still look ugly
    (Vinathi and I walking away from them)
    XxSunglarexX: C’mon vin
    Vinathi; Yea, let’s go!

    Refrain, again xP
    Everyone: But we are best friends! Forever!! And we won’t ever let that end, no never!!
    Vinathi: You are here for me
    Kka2297: And I am here for you!
    Everyone: ‘Cuz that’s what best friends do!

    And again X2
    Everyone: But we are best friends! Forever!! And we won’t ever let that end, no never!!
    Vinathi: You are here for me
    Kka2297: And I am here for you!
    Everyone: ‘Cuz that’s what best friends do

    Cuz that’s what best friends do!

    It’s my oW Best Friends Script

  87. Ққa2297♪ said:

    YAY *claps for cherry*
    CHOCOLATEEEEE! lol I like that screaming chocolate guy in SpongeBob. :mrgreen:

    Btw awesome new blog look. : D

  88. thats cute, but I doubt it’ll make us win. There are gonna be TONS of people in this contest going against us D-:

    Well, we could make it as liek a 2nd vid.

  89. Hey I was wondering how you got your themes for your blog, instead of using the themes wordpress made. Honestly the themes made by wordpress are ugly!

  90. Hey,
    I’m having a little bit of technical difficulties on my blog. I set my theme to modularity lite and I really liked it. I’ve had it for a month now, and it looked normal, but suddenly the whole page background is black. Go on my blog, and you will see. The home page is normal, but then go to the about page and you’ll see the difference. I was hoping you could help me.

  91. Nevermind..I figured it out. lol, i feel so stupid.

  92. glad you could fix it 🙂

  93. o: yea i hate cp now XP cuz it’s borin and i quit like…. dis year? lol i haven’t been going on for a while so i just quit -.-

  94. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Like your new blog look : ) You make me like pink more. 😛

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