From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I wonder how you got bored on such an awesome site…….. Whatever, I’ll entertain you. WATCH ME DO THE ENTERTAIN DANCE! [Inturrupts CNN Important News Report and starts dancing on TV!]

Are you entertained yet?!?!? Fine then.

I guess I have to keep trying.

Omg its like a goth pony!


Credit to kka for finding this pin! ♥

Well? Happy now? I thought so 😀 Its a good thing you’re not bored anymore too, because I was about to tell you some really lame and cheesy jokes and some stupid stories and if that didn’t work I was going to kick you off of this page. Well, I guess none of that is needed 😀


Comments on: "BORED?" (53)

  1. on the chocolate bar covered with the little tiny pieces of chocolate sprinkles, is that brown crayon sharpened? cuz won time my classmate told me to eat the chocolate sprinkle, but i said” y does it tastes like crayon? ” she said” Ah!! because i letted u eat my brown crayon sharpened little tiny pieces..”
    I screamed lol

  2. OMG! ROFL does crayon taste good? I hope so!
    If I were my sister I’d be like ‘how do you know how crayon tastes’ but I’m not. Why? because I’m not my sister 😛
    No lol btw thats real chocolate. Ever had one of those chocolate cakes that are covered with chocolate thingies on the outside? The chocolate thingies look exactly like the ones in the picture. They’re so good, they’re not like crayon at all xD But they make you want a lot more chocolate thingies (or in your dictionary “brown crayon shavings”) so they’re tempting and before you know you’ve eaten da whole cake!

  3. Ққa2297♪ said:

    That would be amazing. Red crayon could be strawberry or cherry. xP Then green could be…green apples? Kiwi? …Eh, not so much about the kiwi. Blue could be water. xD
    Oh yeah I see what you mean!!! Those chocolate things..I saw them on my brother’s birthday cake. And heliX’s birthday cake…people always seem to get heliX the tastiest birthday cakes. Her latest birthday cake was DELICOUS. Chocolate. 😛 I want it for my birthday. :mrgreen: I also want an Mp3 Player for my birthday, or I would just buy one. Even though I have an iPod. Its because its so much easier getting music into an mp3 player, and for iPods you have to buy the music.

  4. Red crayon should be strawberry and purple could be cherry and black should be coal. 😛
    My birthday cake had those chocolate things too! Our cakes are always chocolate 🙂 My dad always gets ice cream cakes ’cause his birthday is the day after valentimes day and chocolate ice cream cakes with the words ‘happy valentimes day’ are on sale x)
    Oh the cupcake I ate today was delicioso (spanish for delicious) The icing tasted so good it was like.. hot chocolate. Yeah the icing tasted sorta like hot chocolate but not hot. I’m making myself hungry D:
    I dont want anything for my birthday.

  5. Ooh! Orange crayon can be oranges! 😮 no that doesn’t make sense!

  6. orange should taste like oranges!

  7. Yummm i looooooove oranges

  8. Ққa2297♪ said:

    me too.
    ooh songs in the mixpod! New? I’m gonna listen to them. Hopefully I add some of those songs in my mixpod. 😛
    Have you ever had some weird thing happen in your house? Like some ghost-y thing. I like listening to them. xDD My aunt used to live where a cemetery use to be…then she moved out. 😛
    One time I kept hearing banging noises outside of my room while I was using the Internet, and I went outside and no one was in the room I heard the banging noises in. Probably my brother though. xD But one time before that I heard the noises and started yelling at my brother to stop it and he said he wasn’t doing it, then I yelled at him some more to stop it then he started crying. o.O

  9. 😀
    yup! I hear all these creaky noises and stuff alot… Once I was playing a joke on my brother, like he has these Lego train things and you can switch tracks and stuff. So I would switch the tracks and he didn’t se me and thought it was a ghost, and then one time when I didn’t do it and my brother was sitting all the way across the room it switched… Creepy

  10. We have weird noises too…
    Oh yeah I have um.. 90 something songs. I’m aiming for 150 but I don’t want any songs I don’t like so it’s getting kind of hard. Who are your favorite singers?

  11. Sometimes my fridge makes weird noises o.o

  12. Maybe the ghost that’s in my gym at school lives in there o.o

  13. OmG That would be so cool. You could play like dodge ice with the ghost (Get it like dodgeball ball and ice from the fridge together? See what I did there- oh nevermind) and you could play tug-of-food and you could get excersize while you’re getting fat

  14. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol I read your comment so fast I didn’t understand anything except “you could exercise while you’re getting fat”. xD

  15. oh lol! Basically the point I was trying to make is if there is a ghost from gym class in your fridge you could play tons of sports that have to do with food 😛

  16. Lol yeah the Light flickers so everyone thinks there’s a ghost xD

    I told my friend about the bloody Mary post and she told me she thinks the gym ghost and bloody Mary should date. Lol

    i named the gym ghost Jim

  17. Oh really? Thats kinda cool xD

    Actually, in the next part she will fall in love. Just sayin’. Don’t tell anyone 😉

    Lol that’s a very creative name 😛

  18. Lol yeah everybody just stares at it

    :O *gasp* I can’t wait to read it!!!!!!

    Thank you thank you very much

  19. Our old school used to do that too!

    I’m writing part 2 right now. Also, I’m trying to make it less offensive. Because my ideas probably would offend game. If she thought this one offended her…

    Your welcome. If you really wanna thank me you should gimme some cookies xD

  20. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol…*gives cookies*
    yeah can’t wait to read the next one 😀 I dunno whats going on here really. O.O That’s what happens when you leave for…i dunno. A few for comments. I don’t know if that made sense or not. -.-

  21. Nom nom nom. tanks (:

    I already wrote it. The 2nd one basically features her dying and her life on earth. Its not a very good part but its very important to the story. And its long. But if I can write it, you can read it 😀

    Oh lol thats happened to me a lot. Basically, we were talking about how in her gym she thinks there’s a ghost because the light flickers on and off. She calls the ghost Jim and she thinks that Jim and Bloody Mary should go out with each other xD

  22. Nom nom nomness

    Thank you for writing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup Jim is very exciting. Especially when you have to watch a musical about states

  23. *noms on anm* You taste even better than the cookie 😀

    Ur welcome.

    A musical about states? Fun. XD

    BTW I’m movin’ the Scary Mary stuffs to my “Creations” page

  24. :O *bites finger. Ur right! Ooh oww… I think

    Thank you for saying ur welcome

    yup it was kinda weird because the states had a tea party and then Kansas decided he wanted to move.

    Okiedoke… I’ll rererereread it

    this one person I know smashed her banana against a table and she started licking it and said it was just like a lolipop so we told her if she ate it it would make her nostrils grow bigger o.O she’s kinda weird.

  25. Can I have piece of your finger? 😦

    Your welcome that I said your welcome xD

    Woah the states have mouths? How are they supposed to drink their tea?

    Why would you rererererereread something that many times? 😛

    I saw a girl eating kiwis with a spoon 😛

  26. Sure *gives part of finger*

    thank you for saying your welcome for saying thank you for saying your welcome for saying thanks

    xD to be honest with you the states actually looked more like kids than states!!!

    Ooooh because I like to rererererererererererereread stuff

  27. Kiwi’s are delicious, except when you eat the really, really squishy ones. Or the really hard ones. o.o I eat them with a spoon. 😀 I wouldn’t stuff kiwi’s in my mouth in front of everybody. xD

  28. Yup they have to be perfect…. I eat them with my fingers or a fork

  29. *licks finger* Delicioso!

    thank YOU for saying thank you for saying your welcome for saying thank you for saying your welcome for saying thanks. Lol I remember in Elemantary school I would give my tray to the dishwasher lady to clean and she would be like “Thank you” and I be like, “your welcome” and she’d be like, ” Thanks for saying your welcome” and I would be like.. well you get the point, right? Anyways by this time the people behind me are yelling at me to hurry up xD


    I don’t like to rererererererererererereread stuff much less reread them xD

    Eww ppl. Its a fruit. Stuff your fingies into it!!

    Also, I’m reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, finally. The movie just came out btw

  30. 😀 mmmm

    uhh what you said?? Lol that’s what I do with my friend xD

    O.o and they were SINGING! And it was a musical, I mean seriously, who sings at musicals anymore

    ditto, rerererererererererererereading maximum ride… I can’t wait for the next book to come out :mrgreen:

    What If you touched an orange peeler then ate the kiwi 😉

    I’m seeing the movie tomorrow… Or today… Or saturday…

  31. MY fingers taste good right now. Like lemons, but sweeter. Like lemonade.

    Um.. idk what I sed. I just tried to say “thank you” a lot xD

    LOL! Btw a lot of people sing at musicals. Just sayin’

    Ikr? If you want a sneak peak of the next book, read this:

    Really? Tell me if its good or if you like the book better or whatever!

  32. That’s odd, I hate it when I put on hand sanitizer and then when I eat it tastes bad. We have a dog and he always begs for food, so once my mom put pepper spray on the chairs so he wouldn’t beg and I put my finger on it and it tasted bad xD

    I don’t either o.o something about thank you

    lol I know I think it would just be called a nonsinging play or something if they didnt.

    I did already 😦 booooooooooook just come out already. Already already already already already!

    The movies really different from the book. But it’s funny, though my friend complained that annabeth didn’t look like annabeth 😀 I think I like the book better but the movies worth seeing

  33. Lol me too! 😛

    yeah lol. instead of a musical, it would be a silental

    Ikr? I already know whats gonna happen. I read too many spoliers.

    I know. Seriously, get Annabeth right ppl! Shes blonde not brunette

  34. Lol yup

    😀 hello and welcome to the silental!

    *pounds on wall!* booooooooooooooooooooook! I read spoilers too. 😦 booooooooooooooooooooook!

    Yea! And gray eyes not blue!

  35. Don’t ever eat if there’s still a trace of soap on your hand. I learned that the hard way 😛

    The silental is where we don’t sing and we don’t talk and we sit there like bored idiots all day. Only $49.99

    Just wait. Its coming out in March 15

    Actually her eyes ARE gray

    Gawd I just watched the movie and I was like, THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK!

  36. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    1. There called chocolate “shavings”
    2. o.o
    3. lmfao
    4. ???
    5. me 2
    6. LOLZ
    7. lmfao
    8. ….
    9. LOL
    10. I give up on the replies to comments -.-

  37. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    No, Annabeth has gray i thought, imma go look it up in my percy Jackson Ultimite Guide (I blame u guys getting mi into Percy Jackson 😉 ) She’s Blonde with…. gray eyes.

  38. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    Uh oh. O.O Then Idk ANYTHING abt PJ Cuz I saw the MOVIE….
    Imm on the last book thought 😎 but the movie yet 😯

  39. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:


  40. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    And OWWW!!! I just banged mi elbow on mi comp. desk! 👿

  41. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I started reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians when I got bored. And Maximum Ride. xDD I also got interested in books when I got bored. 😛

    WOAH. I wanna see a kiwi turn red. 😀 I should try that. But then its wasting food, so no. My friend irl never tried a kiwi before. So I’m getting her one for her birthday. Hopefully she likes it.

    That hurts. Good thing it wasn’t your funny bone..It was your elbow, right?

  42. lol chi! you don’t have to reply anyways..
    Annabeth does have gray btw
    STUPID TUNA F|ISHIN’ PUBLIC LI|B|RA|RY! I still haven’t read the last book because it’s been on hold for OVER A YEAR now and it hasn’t arived…
    because of my cousin I’m spelling everything wrong.. must fix.. oo.. red kiwis.. cool!
    I like kiwis. Don’t waste one. Here’s a challenge for your next post, kka! See if you can find a pic of a red kiwi on google images or something. Then postt itt!

    cousin banging on keyboard sorry ttyl

  43. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:

    Kiwis i dnt lik em very much, they hairy & feel weird o_O
    O_O ttyl 😛

  44. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Vindaloo, have you tried looking in a public library where you are staying for now? xP Buy ittttt! You don’t deserve to wait that long. :mrgreen:

    It was actually harder to find a red kiwi than I thought it was. 😛 But that doesn’t mean it was hard. BUAHAHHAHAHA! 👿 Or was it 😈 ? I forgot which emoticon has the evil smiling face. o.O

    I’m posting every Tuesday for some reason. xD

    I only eat the inside of a kiwi. 😛 Its kind of hard to find the perfect kiwi too. They’re either too hard which makes it sour, or too soft which makes it squishy and no taste at all. O.O

  45. Vinathi here said:

    This place doesn’t have one.. I tried the library back in America and it had 50 holds. Sigh…

    lol kka.. not sure you’re supposed to eat the outside..

    I stuff kiwis in my mouth spoon or not XD

  46. superb

  47. i mean superb weard

  48. O.e i was bored enough to come to this site then rather doing anything else in the world. Jk!!! ;D Or am i O_o.any waysssssssss. The first time i went on kkas site then i got a wordpress like,2 days l8r and i commented on something (dont remember what it was)and it said YOUR COMMENT IS WAITING MODERATION and im like, ok and the next day it went away so can you ask kka it she deleted or blocked my comments from showing up? *gives cookie*

  49. O when i say went away i mean the YOUR COMMENT IS WITING MODERATION thingy

  50. oh! Well, you see, my blog is one of the few blogs without moderation. Kka’s been busy, so you have to be kind of patient.


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