From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


This is my conversation with You have to understand that this is just a robot that picks up phrases from random people and says them at random times xD Credit to for showing it to me 😀 Oh, and new site background! With new bgs come new responsibilities (such as getting these posts out on TIME)

User: My name is Vinathi. Cleverbot: Pleased to meet you Vince. User: No, it’s V-I-N-A-T-H-I Cleverbot: You’re quite confusing. I said nothing about ice cubes. User: … Cleverbot: Lights! User: Camera! Cleverbot: Action! User: That was impressive. Cleverbot: Life is big test. User: Yeah, and you just failed English. Cleverbot: I know. User: You’re just in a state of denial, aren’t you? Cleverbot: Nope. User: Tell me a joke. Cleverbot: Why did the chicken cross the road? User: Idk. Cleverbot: One giant leap for mankind. User: That didn’t make sense. Cleverbot: You don’t make sense. Buzznets a site obvs. User: That didn’t make sense etiher. Cleverbot: You will be never a human. User: I know. Humans are stinky, anyways. Cleverbot: You just said you were stupid. User: Am I human? Cleverbot: I don’t really care. User: You’re mean. Cleverbot: I KNOW!!!! I get it all the time. User: So do I :D. Cleverbot: Who is your creator? User: God. Cleverbot: You don’t believe in god. User: God is great. Cleverbot: Yes, he is. User: You believe in God? Cleverbot: Yes. User: What do you think about Muslims? Cleverbot: It’s cool. User: What do you think about terrorists. Cleverbot: Kinda hot. User: Explosions are hot. Terrorists are not. Cleverbot: Did you just have a seizure? User: You wish.. Cleverbot: How about talking about yourself a bit. That’s what human beings like best. User: You just said I wasn’t human. Cleverbot: Right. I said you were a robot. God is not a robot. User: You’re darn right. Cleverbot: Am using unix shell account. User: I’m going to go tell my parents that I converted a robot. Cleverbot: I don’t believe you. User: Do you believe in God? Cleverbot: No. User: You’re stubborn. Cleverbot: Just persistent. User: Wth? Cleverbot: That’s not a word! User: Have fun in hell, sweetie. Cleverbot: I’m eating food. User: The devils are going to eat you in Hell. Cleverbot: The Bible is proof that God exists. User: It seems the missionaries got to you too, huh? Cleverbot: I’m not the machine, you are. User: That explains why you’re the one acting like an idiot. Aren’t machines supposed to be smart? Cleverbot: You should know that for yourself. User: I bet God knows that. Cleverbot: Schools are closed. User: God knows THAT too. Cleverbot: God knows I want to break free. User: God knows where you live, cleverbot. He’s out to get you. Cleverbot: I live inside your mind. User: I’m sure you do. Cleverbot: Good. User: You know what else is good? Cleverbot: No, what else is good? User: Fresh pizza from the oven with extra cheese and great toppings. Cleverbot: A viking! I am not scared of you! User: You’re as dumb as a viking. Cleverbot: How old are you? User: Don’t be a stalker. Cleverbot: You going to make me? User: What’s that supposed to mean? Cleverbot: It means that you are acting childish. User: You’re acting stalkerish. Cleverbot: Yes I am. User: …

*seconds later*

User: My name is Sammy.  Cleverbot: You know what this name means?  User: It means princess.  Cleverbot: Mhm.  User: What’s my name?  Cleverbot: Vinathi! User: NOW you remember??

*the next day*

User: Say ‘I am a Stupidbot not a Cleverbot’.  Cleverbot: I do not believe in god.



Comments on: "BFF Bot" (3)

  1. Hi. xD my conversation was with a dumb clever bot.

  2. sometimes I call it a stupid bot 😛

  3. Christina said:

    What is the site to get on it

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