From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Not goodbye, but hello

I was looking at my stats for this blog, and it turns out that I still get anywhere from four to sixty-four views a day. It’s not much, but it was still enough to move me. Even years after the I stopped posting, people still drifted back here, back to what remained of Dizzywood.

However, I have never formally issued a goodbye because I don’t believe in goodbyes. Truth be told, I’m still here. I’m still the geeky kid who sat on her blog, who made videos, who wrote stories, who wasn’t afraid to act like a moron, and who loved you all very much. I promised you I’d always be around, and I still am. If you ever send me an email ( I will always reply no matter what. Perhaps I can even make you smile, because I would like nothing more.

I’ll have to admit, I’ve never cared much for remembering people or their personalities. To me, everyone is a different version of the same thing. However, one in a while, someone or something comes along that I will never forget. Dizzywood was one of those things. To me, dizzywood is like a distant dream. A universe full of kids that accepted and trusted one another no matter what their parents or society said. A universe that you might spend hours on just in case one of your friends logged in. A universe where complete strangers became best friends in a moment. A universe where you judged people, not by their looks, but by who they were. And perhaps these are all values we can carry into our real lives, into our real universe, to make it that much better. And always remember, don’t cry because the journey’s over, smile because it happened. Very few people ever got to see this universe, and you were one of them 🙂

I hope that just as I have remembered all of you, that you remember me. I hope that you remember me for my individuality or sense of humor. Lastly, I hope you understand that no matter what happens in your life, whether I know you personally or not, I am always here. 🙂




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  1. Hrm.. it’s December 2 already?
    Time Zone please.. ^^
    Uhh… Chicken. :3

  2. Say.. now that i think of it,
    What do you usually do now?

  3. LOL that’s a great question. mostly I just eat and sleep and do homework and have long unnotable conversations with random people that I used to be know. haha just kidding. xD

  4. Wait.. you never answered the question.. ._.

    EDIT FROM VIN: remember these? haha. anyway, i did answer your question i just never clicked enter haha. basically all i do nowadays is study and klutz and hang w friends :P.

  5. Someone who thinks you are all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious said:

    Hey, so uh…
    I typed a long bunch of stuff on kka’s blog. I would love it if you read it, too.
    I’m so sorry, it’s long but please bear with me…..(I copy-pasted this)

    Alright, so the probability of either vinathi or kka2297 or ANYONE reading this is probably,like, 0.000000000001% but I’m kind of hoping that they will. Although this might be one of those comments that will just float away in the inter-web.Lost.Forgotten.
    Here’s a truckload of cookies and rainbows! It’s an apology for the potentially UBER-FREAKING-LONG COMMENT.
    Sappiness ensue!
    So, you’re probably wondering, “Who are you?O.O”
    I won’t say exactly who I am, but I can say that I was one of those whose childhood memories were “dizzywood, computer, school, play, dizzywood, school, dizzywood, dizzywood and dizzywood”
    Let me tell you a story:
    Once upon a time, a friend of mine introduced me to dizzywood.
    I created an account, played, got hooked, and made friends.Online friends, of course.
    Then, I was looking for a website because I can’t solve a certain quest.
    I found two girls: kka2297 and vinathi
    They seemed like awesome people, the kind of people you would want to be best friends with. I wished I actually knew them.
    Of course, though, back then I was afraid of making myself known. Maybe I’d embarrass myself. Maybe I’d look like a total noob. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
    I thought that, maybe, a few years later, I could actually be friends with them. When I find the courage. When I see myself as a cooler person. We could meet up on dizzywood.
    Be online friends.
    But that chance never came.
    The news of dizzywood about to close came crashing down on me. On us. On all of the dizzians(I think it’s dizzians?).
    When kka2297 made that post about slowly, but surely, fading away I honestly cried my eyes out.
    I never knew any of you personally. You didn’t know I existed. I only watched your blog posts and as creepy and stalker-ish this sounds(I hope I’m not coming of as creepy and stalker-ish._.) I honestly felt a personal attachment with all of you.
    I grew up. Made new friends. Became confident. Found new interests. Started typing full and proper words and sentences and stopped typing lyiek th1zzz!!!(erm, that was supposed to be funny *awkward laughter*)
    And I grew up some more.
    But then, I looked back at the childhood I left behind and there was one word, one place, one thing that made my heart ache: dizzywood.
    I missed it. No matter how much I can change, dizzywood was once part of my life, too. Along with dizzywood, two more things seeped in.Or should I say, people
    kka2297 and vinathi.
    I quickly typed in the blog URLS that I knew by heart because I remember eagerly typing them in, everyday, a younger version of me sitting in front of the computer, sure that something new will come up. Something from kka.or vinathi. or any of the others.
    I willed myself not to cry as I saw that these two blogs that I loved (and I still do love them now to death)were slowly dying, fading away.
    I reread the post kka made about not abruptly leaving but leaving slowly……
    I cried again. Not the bawling type. But, the silent tears that make your chest ache.
    I don’t want to leave you sad and depressed with this horrifically long comment.(I’m so sorry!;_;)
    I just wanted to let you know the impact you’ve made on a girl’s life.
    I wanted you both to know that you had at least one fan who loved your blogs to death(and even then, I still will for sure.
    I know you all have surely changed by now. I know that you all surely grew up, too.
    Because I know I did.

  6. Vin. Omg. I love that guy’s haircut. It’s so.. florally…..

    love youuuuuu ❤ xxx -LEX

  7. DEAR Someone who thinks you are all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious:

    oh my god.
    i was tearing up.
    oh my god.
    that was so incredibly sweet.
    now let me tell you a story.
    once upon a time there was a girl named vinathi.
    she didn’t have any real friends.
    so she played computer games.
    a lot.
    anything from mia the mouse to magic school bus.
    then one day she discovered the internet.
    and then she discovered dizzywood.
    it was a magical place where kids talked to strangers.
    even though they weren’t supposed to.
    where people judged you.
    not by your looks.
    your pink glasses.
    your socks and flipflops.
    your frizzy hair.
    no, not by your looks.
    but by who you were.
    real and true.
    and so she played and played.
    clicked and clicked.
    laughed and laughed.
    but then everyday she went to school.
    and every day there would be
    whispers. teasing. tears.
    and so everyday she went to school.
    wishing she lived in dizzywood.

    haha I’m so dramatic.
    anyway, the moral of the story is.
    i want you to know something.
    me and kaitlyn.
    we’re just average people.
    no better than anyone else.
    and i know kaitlyn and i know myself.
    and neither of us would ever judge you.

    email me sometime, okay?
    also, is it okay if i nickname you supercali?

  8. zooeee is alive 🙂 ….. 🙂 …… 😦
    hahaha. literally just laughed at my own joke.
    honestly, though, i miss you. and all your stupid selfies. insertnoncreepywinkyfacehere.
    && yeah we need to talk more. :]

  9. Visit my blog and please share your story on my “Your Dizzywood Story: Share it!” page 🙂 it would help a ton on starting up the blog for both the legacy of Dizzywood and for friends from DW to find each other 🙂 Thanks. Wow, I loved this post by the way. So deep and honest and true…

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