From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


The good news: I know what my score is probably going to be for Rube Goldberg, the biggest&hardest project of the year!!!! Basically, you create a large project with a series of steps to do a very simple task.

The bad news: We’re probably going to get like a B on it. I just calculated the potential score for what will happen if we get everything PERFECT from this point forward. I think this should go in the “good news” section, because for a whole 24 hours I was convinced we’d get a D and I’d flunk Science…

PICTURES!: Most of the stuff on the board are just objects we tested out but couldn’t unattach.


Comments on: "GOOD NEWS & BAD." (5)

  1. A B is still good! 🙂 It seems very…complicated. lol. By the way what are you trying to do? Sorry if it’s offending.

  2. You’re trying to complete a very simple task using VERY complicated ways.

    BTW, I got a B+ in my overall grade in Science thanks to this :/

  3. What very simple task? And well that’s even better than a regular B! Good job 😀

  4. Actually, I had an A+ before this project, so I’m not thrilled XD.
    It was supposed to turn on any electronic. I went for a toy piano, but THAT didn’t even work lolol.

  5. Ooh, I thought that was just the grade for the assignment lol. But still passing ^.^ so that’s good. xD Technology isnt very cooperative!

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