From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Old Poetry

That awkward moment when wordpress tries to make itself more like tumblr so people don’t stop using it. haha.

Anyway, some of you may or may not have read my poetry, but here’s one of my favorites:

They say you’re bad for me, 
But I think that’s why I keep coming back,
I think we both know this love will never be, 
I guess this love is like a snack.

But somehow it became so much more.
There’s so much embedded in that dark skin 
Tell me this, is love a pleasure or a chore?
To me, you’re an unhealthy addiction.

Every time I think of you my chest explodes, 
My mind fills with photos, memories and such.
I go through a mixture of emotions and modes. 
Maybe there *is* such thing as too much.

When it comes to my love of chocolate, 
There are very few things that can topple it.

–10/29/11 ♥

If you thought this poem was directed at you, I’m sorry haha. ilyouguys<3


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  1. Visit my blog and please share your story on my “Your Dizzywood Story: Share it!” page 🙂 it would help a ton on starting up the blog for both the legacy of Dizzywood and for friends from DW to find each other 🙂 Thanks

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