From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

About Me :D <<< Me >>>


What’s your favorite color? PuRpLe. PURPLE!!! P-U-R-P-L-E! I see purple I go crazy XD

Best Friend? Is that even a question? Lolz. I luv u all! (Hugz)

What’s my favorite animals? Dolphins and polar bears 😀 . They’re both going endangered. 😥

thdolphinsCAU38HE6.jpg dolphin image by lover17_011 baby-polar-bear.jpg Baby Bear image by used2b

thpolorbear.gif GO POLAR BEAR image by maya1217 << Do the polar dance. Do the Polar Dance!!!

What’s your favortie music? As long as you can dance to it. Play it. I perfer tunes over words. My favorite music in Dizzywood is Pyramid Party. 

Where’d I get the name Vinathi from? Actually, that’s a good question :mrgreen: My Best Friend In Real Life  Before I Moved, was named Danielle. She moved as much as me and she’s lived in Belgium for a long time. My 2nd Best friend’s name was Vinathi. Even tho she was my 2nd best friend, we hung out more than I did with Danielle. Vinathi is an indian name so it’s never taken. She’s from India.  THE NAME IS RESERVED!!!

What’s your favorite book? My favorite book. I don’t have one. Just favorite series. The Hunger Games. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Ask me next week and it’ll be different. Then there’s the comics……. Garfield! Big Nate! Calvin and Hobbes! Peanuts!

What’s your favorite subject? Spelling. It’s so insanely easy. I’ve never once studied for a Spelling Test or got a B on one. Learn me!!!

kitty-40.jpg reading cat image by evinlejonhjarta


What do you like besides that? Smilies. LOLing. Eating kka. And so on…. I also claim I’m from Candy Land. And so whoever asks me where I moved from, I say candyland. (at my school that is)

760498z65h7mlvls.gif CandyLand image by addy567

(swims in waterfall) Lalalalala


Do you belive in alliens? YES I BELIVE IN ALIENS! o.O   Not that kind tho! I believe in alliens made of cookies!


Heh. I’ll eat you! (Munches on cookie)  OH NO! THE COOKIE MADE ME HYPER! Sorry. I think I better go before…………..





Hi peeps.  Past me scares the fudge out of future me. So, you are going to do an interview with me, because I am so glamorous that knowing my every detail should be #1 on your to-do list. Well, I could care less. This is MY page, not your’s 😀

What’s your bird day? August 22

What’s your religion? Islam. Ima Muslim.

Have you met any terrorists? I know thousands of Muslims. I’ve traveled all over the United States. I’ve traveled to Muslim countries, populated by mostly Muslims. I have not met a single terrorist in my life. Oh, and while I’m at it, I hate it when non-Muslims say that the Qura’an, our holy book, says “And slay them”. Yes, it does say that. But there are words before it and words after it, dummy. If you read the whole thing, it says “And slay them wherever you find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter…and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” (quoted from the Quran itself). There is a good case to be made that the textual context of this particular passage is defensive war. Basically what it’s saying is that if someone drives you out of your home and forces you to live somewhere else and makes you homeless, you may have war with them. Muslims can only have war for defense, by the way, and killing is a major sin. Islam does not allow the killing of any man, except for justice, in defense, or for a just cause (such as they killed someone else).  In reality,the verse was concerning the time when the pagans broke the peace treaty and killed the prophet Mohammeds Jewish allies. Also, if one continues to read he will see that it continues to say that you shouldnt kill them if they repent and ask for forgiveness and help. really, its telling you to protect your enemies if they admit their mistakes. Of course not all muslims are good, but the same goes for everyone else: theres good and bad people everywhere, their actions dont necessarily reflect their belief. If a criminal were to commit a murder, it wouldn’t be because he’s Christian.

What’s your hobby? I like video making and picture editing and basically all things computer

The story of my life xD jk lol

What’s you favorite sport? Well, if it were up to me, sports wouldn’t exist. Swimming would, though 🙂

What’s your favorite hair? Well, I like Selena Gomez’s hair before she cut it. You might realize that my dizzywood character’s hair looks kind of like that. I like lush and slightly curly hair (not too straight), preferably brown

What clubs are you a member of? My very own OMC (ourworld movie club) and ICA (International Cookie Association) clubs

What’s your favorite food? Aww what a question! I think.. my brother’s sandwiches :3 You might be thinking “lame” but my brother has great sandwiches. Desert-wise, I liek cookehs(and chocolate, as you can tell :P).

How much do you like cookies? Interesting question. Well my math teacher would probably want me to use some lame formula for this and show all my work, but I think I’m going to answer this question non-mathematically. So here goes: A lot.

Don’t you like pie? Well, I like that too.

Don’t you like pie? I just answered that~!

Don’t you like pie? asdfghjkl;

Don’t you like pie? DO I NEED TO FIRE SOMEONE?

Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? Don’t you like pie? I think your mouth is broken :-/

Me day dreaming about pie 😛

Favorite game? Once upon a time it was dizzywood.

What sites do you use FREQUENTLY? From most to least: WordPress, Twitter, Youtube, OMC, Facebook (especially games), OurWorld,

What do you hate? Well, I have a little game for you concerning that..


Comments on: "About Me :D" (75)

  1. This took me an hour to make!

  2. lolz! That’s an awesome page. No…All of them are. 😀
    That cookie looks yummy. ♥ Heh.
    Cya on Dizzywood!


  3. I ate it already 😛

  4. (goes to DW)

  5. MY COOKIE! *snatches cookie and eats it in one piece* ha!

  6. YOu shall be on my wanted list. Too bad I got chocolate :mrgreen:

  7. kka2297 said:

    You eat meh…O.O lol
    Everyone steals my cookies! X.X
    I shall make a cookie appear with magic!
    *gets cookie from cookies jar*
    Tada! I got a cookie now.

    That cookie looks yummy. *stares O.O*

  8. kka2297 said:

    Coolio! Really? You mean on Dizzywood right?

  9. No. Not on Dizzywood. In my miiinnnddddd….wooooo…. lol.
    I did that because you posted a comment on my blog saying your face was bleeding. O_O
    Yeah. 😛
    Oh it was a long time ago though.

    I remember. It really was bleeding though O_O
    I was serious too when I said I was as green as a witch 🙂 I ate alot of Fun Dip. Then I ran out of stick and ate ate it with my fingers. It wasn’t too long before my whole hand was green 😛

  10. gameprogirl3 said:

    I ate lots of oranges in one day, and my face turned orange. O_O

    Lolz. My face was once pink. I was born 99% pink. And I always used to cry (according to my pictures). Except for the one where my mom was giving me a cookie :mrgreen: My brother said once I was walking up to the door of my school and someone opened the door for me and I sat there and cried for an hour. Lolz. It’s a shame too. I was so cute (when I was crying is a different story)

  11. i answer ur comments.

  12. kka2297 said:

    Hehe. I kept hitting my funny bone earlier. :mrgreen:

    One time I found my brother under a desk coloring his arm green with a marker. -.- I asked why, he said he wanted to be “Green Goblin” from SpiderMan. 😆
    He did it when he was little…

    Lolz. At school today it was raining like there was going to be a flood. I ran and my face landed in a puddle 😳 It’s been raining since I move to CA. Have you noticed that? (It was in January)

  13. When I hit my funny bone or hit myself, I laugh. O.O
    One time, I was doing a flip on the bats while my friend was watching, and it was time to go, I tried to stop but I went to fast, than I stopped than I chipped a tooth, and after that, I started to laugh like crazy. O.o

    Right before Language arts today, people decided to torchure their “pressure points” I can’t find mine.

  14. Umm, you see the word “bat” on my comments right? I meant bars.


  15. Lolz. You people rock. \m/

  16. Pressure points are on your shoulders. I always poke my enemy’s pressure points really hard.

  17. lolz. I’m gonna start doing that.

  18. kka2297 said:

    My aunt did that to me once… -.-
    So I ran away.
    Well not actually run away from the house, I ran like somewhere else in the house. 😯

  19. HersheyGirl13 said:

    I tried doing that, it no worky O.o I love dolphins and polar bears :] It’s so sad they endangered 😦 My fac colors: BlUe, Purple, Pink, White, Black, and YeLlOw!!!!

  20. HersheyGirl13 said:

    oops, it’s my FAV colors…..gosh mean typos!

  21. Meanies. I demand a refund XP

  22. it is so sad (sigh) Did you say purple hersheygirl? O.o

  23. myk4F1 csosasxnfrra, [url=]isolyestyutk[/url], [link=]xrlyfeziddxs[/link],

  24. GameproGirl said:

    Yes, she did. Yes she did…

  25. O.O (gets all hypers)

  26. vinathi 🙂
    did you know that i follow you on twitter !

  27. I gonna follow you 😀

  28. Me follows both of you (:

  29. tanks annamh 😀

  30. You is welcome (:

  31. i feel that you are a little bit “crazy” 😀

  32. LOL that’s one way to look at it xD I perfer the term “awesomely random” (:

  33. 😆 anyway crazy 😛

  34. fine.. suit yourself 😛

  35. Ohh!! I love Pyramid Party, too!!!!!

  36. I finally found somebody with that favorite song on Dizzywood. 😀

  37. hi-five! :)) I changed quite a bit since I updated this page. Just a teensy weensy. Now, I lovee music. Not tunes, songs

  38. mm .. i think it must take a day from me if i will make post like that ^^ ..
    nice blog ..

  39. Thanks lol. This did take a long time O.O Thankfully, I was feeling random.

  40. 2kool4games said:

    Vinathi, how do you get the stuff from to stay???
    Everytime i try using it, the next day whatever i used is gone and it says GLASSGIANT.COM!!!!!
    please help………………….

  41. 2kool4games said:

    How do you use the stuff from Everytime we use it it does NOT work. For example if we have a chocolate bar that says 2Kool4Games on it then the next day it would say on it. Its really frustrating…please help us!!


  42. Oh lol it took forever to do it 😀 All you have to do is make it, and then save it to your computer. THEN post it onto your blog. Don’t post it directly onto your blog. That annoyed the stuffings out of me.

  43. pshhh sure vinathi sounds nice HERE but you should try spending a day with her. She’ll ditch you in a shark’s stomach…

  44. looking back at this page I see how much I’ve changed– and how hyper I used to be o-o

    To bob: I forgot! Don’t judge me!

  45. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol i love reading the old comments. :]
    Great memories. ^^

  46. The comments on your page go way back too. I would’ve never met you if it weren’t for that stupid spider dizzywood mission. You were and some puppies girl were the only ones who came up on google search XD

  47. i have a question 4 u. where do u get ur themes. cool blog.

  48. Where do I get my themes? Click on the word Appearance and it will let you choose your theme. I liked this one best.

  49. YOU ISH NOT ALONE O.e I ish still here 😀

  50. there. Happy? 😀

  51. Hey did u know that I followed u Twitter? how do u get so many followers??! is it bcos of ur blog? could u follow me? (peacerocker22 cos my old one got frozen and i couldn’t tweet)

  52. Most of my followers are just spam people that follow everyone in hopes of getting followers back XD Whatev. I’ll follow you. I love seeing my friend’s tweets 🙂

  53. @Vinathi thanks! 😀

  54. i think thats mean what you friends did

  55. They’re actually really great people, actually (:
    They quit because they were busy and talk to me at any chance. What was mean was how the people in dizzywood treated me.

  56. i added a game type thing at the bottom of the page 😀

  57. I am a muslim to! I really hate it when Christians do something that’s sorta Haram ( not sorta but ALOT ) to muslims. Like once some crazy dude decided that to celebrate some special day tthey should burn the Qur’an! :O
    BTW I’m Silver :mrgreen:
    We’re Muslims and we’re proud!!! 😆 ( random but true)
    RANDOMNESSS!!! o.o

  58. You already know what I hate from the game thing O . O
    I wonder who voted that they like drugs? I should’ve included cuss words on the list.

    I completely feel in harmony with Islam. Plus I get whatever I ask for (:

  59. I think I voted that by accident 😀 I kept pressing the heart by accident… did not mean to 😀
    Yepp I do too

  60. ROFL It probably seems that way I do love pink. Usually pink&purple are wrestling for the spot of favorite color and sometimes they’re so busy wrestling that a new color sneaks in while the other two are distracted…

  61. how did u do the purple smiley?? 😀

  62. it was from some smiley site xD

  63. can you please tell me how to register?

  64. wordpress? Go to

  65. OMG!! cookie’s right! It’s like a purple Mr.Green :mrgreen:

  66. cool site…

    Quick Q wat site did u use 2 make the banners

  67. Paint. I use paint, nothing more. I also use pictures from the internet.

    I’m still looking for a better program so I can make GOOD banners =)

  68. Hey! I really like how on the top of your website it says “From the real world get away, even just for a day”! I don’t want to copy you but I really wanted my blog to say “Get away from the real world” so I’m asking you for permission! Thanks!

  69. omg o: how did u do tht purple mrgreen??? TELL MEH O: xD lol plzz??? o.o

  70. it was from some smiley site xD
    I think I already answered that question.. !

  71. vinathivinathivinathivinathivinathi!! hiii! :))

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