From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


This is my game page! I tried putting the games directly on this page but it didn’t work. So here’s how this will work. I’ll display a picture of a game on here and if you want to  go to the game, click the picture. Under the linked picture, there is a short description.  Have fun! ^^;

Skywire. Make it through a bunch of obstacles to get to the end!!

A strategy game. You run your own restaurant, with the help of the chef. You are the waiter, you collect the money, and you assign tables. You have to try to get through all 40 levels of the game, ten in every place. And like every other restaurant game, there is a catalog and a goal set for each day.

zOMG. Battle monsters, unlock new places, explore, and look good. Must have an account on

Game where you find an island and you battle monsters and stuff to protect the island. You can have pets. There are missions. It’s fun, except you die a lot. Try it!

This is MY FAVORITE GAME OF ALLL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Play it! 😀

A cool game in which you plant plants and they battle zombies. The plants protect you from the zombies. The object of the game is to keep the zombies away as long as possible. This game is on Ourworld too btw..

Sorta a puzzle game in which you pretend like you’re in High School and live the life of a high schooler

This game is really fun. You draw your way through the game to get Santa to the flag. He will die if he hits any trees.

Just another escape game.

The idiot test.. harder than it seems

Kind of bloody– try not to get on the penguins nerves.

This is a very good game. The object of the game is to get to the flag. You have to draw your way through a bunch of obstacles

You’re a detective. There is a mystery. Solve it.

In this game, babies are delivered by storks  (types of birds). They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky. In Baby Blimp you are the stork manager, responsible for the baby production line as well as the baby distribution above several towns and cities.

Basically the point of the game to be the color of the flag by the time you get to the flag. They walk you through the game instructions. At first it doesn’t seem hard, but it gets harder.

Open the storybook and spot the difference. Make the pop-up items on the right hand page mirror those on the left. Click on an item to make it spin around. Remember to be quick before the time runs out!

You might’ve played this game on Ourworld. It’s the one where you press any  key as hard as you can and try to send the ball shooting into the air. My record is 4173~!

A game you have to download. It’s a lot like zOMG. You battle monsters. Get a job. Explore. Have fun.

I liked this game soo much that I edited the pics myself xD It’s basically a mystery game in which you.. solve a mystery ;D There’s this guy that stole classified info and you have to find him and stuff. It’s fun, but it’s too short for me.

A very original game. You solve islands, which are basically huge missions. It’s too hard to describe. Just play it xP

Time to play: 10 min.

How long can you keep your kid happy? This game is great if you want a challenge. I think the funnest part is trying to keep the mom from exploding by having her rest/eat and still trying to have time to make your baby shut up. When the mom’s happiness or the baby’s happiness hits zer0, you’re out of the game. You might want to look at the tutorial on the menu before you start so you know what you’re doing.

This is a pretty unique game. Basically,you’re an actress and you have to choose out costumes to fit the scene. Unlike your average boring dress-up game, the director critics you on how well you follow the theme and doesn’t let you pass until you’ve beaten it. My cousin and I spent a LOT of time laughing at the director because throughout the game he acts a little perved. Why did we find that so funny? Probably because it was 7 A.M. and we were half-asleep. When I say that it was 7 a.m., I don’t mean that we woke up early. I mean that we slept late…

Take orders, arrange burgers, grill burgers, and grill customers ;D


Comments on: "Gªm£§" (24)

  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Hehe I’ve tried the drawing thingy before 😀 Its one of my favs ^^ I wanna try all of them but I have to install some plug in thingy again onto my laptop because something bad happened to the Firefox.


  3. Vinathi here said:

    Ikr? 😀 Love the drawing thingy. Probably the best game on this page

    Sorry you couldn’t play all of them.


  4. the idiot test rules!

  5. Vinathi said:

    Yeah it does!

  6. I have gaia 🙂 and my username kis Craennix, my sis chose it idk y..

  7. Nice username xD I have dizzywood, gaia, youtube, poptropica, and twitter. My username is vinathi for everything except poptropica and youtube. Youtube, my username is vinathi1

  8. mi friend wanted another gaia and i gave her mi e mill so i probobly cant get one now 😦

  9. aww! Why don’t you use this email. I use the email for junk.

  10. vinathiloo,can u plz help me cuz im trin to play da bloddy peguin game but it keeps takin me to da idiot test

  11. Call me vin for short, k?
    Your welcome!!!
    Oh thanks for warning me. I changed it. Try again!

  12. im mad

  13. tashaaaaaaaaaa your SOOOO dramatic 😡

  14. No mean comments, please 😦

  15. LOL, love the idiot test and the drawing one!! I’ve played penguin diner b4 and somehow it gives me tremenduous stress..weird!!

  16. i beat the diner thing. It gets boring after you’ve bought everything..
    glad you like it =D

  17. is the MapleStory Safe?

  18. Yep, me and game both tried to download it 🙂 Just only download it from the link above.

    Also, don’t get too addicted to maplestory and forget about us XD

  19. Red (Fantasy) said:

    What’s the keep your baby happy game? There’s no image.

  20. You play alot of the same games I do O:

  21. ShishKabob said:

    I like the bloody penguin game whenever I poke it, it either eats my finger or smashes it with the hammer.

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