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Letters from me to me.

Since it’s Potter week, I’m going to start my post with a secret. A very, very dear secret. Okay, here it is: I’m almost thrilled the last Harry Potter finally came out. At first I thought it was going to be a fad so I didn’t watch the movies, and now, 7 or so long years later, it’s finally over. Is it just me or does the atmosphere feel awkward?

SOOO anyways I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. If you really care to know what I’m doing / reviewing, you would follow my twitter (which of course is Vinathi). I added two new games to the game page, by the way. Also, happy birthday kka 🙂

So the main point of this post is that I discovered this amazing new site called where you can write a letter that gets mailed to your self whenever you want. It’s pretty epic. Another thing is that you can read other people’s letters if they choose to make them public, which is pretty entertaining. Here’s one I found:

K, toodles 🙂


Comments on: "Letters from me to me." (3)

  1. Heyy, I saw your site:
    Do you still visit it?

  2. How did you get ahold of that?? I haven’t even opened it yet. I actually completely forgot about it O_O Anyways, it’s not done. And DW is probably going to reopen anyways xD

  3. Lol I just was typing zoodaloo and stuff in google and found it 😛

    I hope dizzywood opens for out christmas present, that would be awesome

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