From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Videos by me

Okay this is where I will post all the good videos I make. Enjoy!


How to save a princess [short story]


Comments on: "Videos by me" (33)

  1. kka2297 said:

    I never saw this page until now! =D
    How long has it been on your blog??

    A month 😛 No one has.

  2. Ққa2297♪ said:

    You did the B-mary thingy in here 😀 I was reading some stories about people who said stuff about it a few hours ago. It makes me curious. But I’d never try it. I like reading scary stories, yet I get scared really easily. -.-

  3. scary movies are really stupid and cheesy sometimes because you’re like THATS NOT SCARY. But scary stories are usually really cool because it depends on you imagination if its scary or not.

  4. That Was A Great Story!! You Are an Incredible Writer! 🙂

  5. Thanks 🙂 When my sister read it (shes like 8) she kept saying “That’s not scary” And I would say “It’s not supposed to be scary” 😛

  6. Your welcome 🙂 lol
    it wasen’t scary but it was kinda touching

  7. at the beginning she’s supposed to be a huge brat. The endish is where you should feel sorry for her :))

  8. LOL this page is becoming longer and longer

  9. thanks again

  10. Ққa2297♪ said:

    pretty diamond 😀 😀

  11. The diamond is awesum! 🙂 Purpley o.o

  12. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    lol, i loved the music video 😛 you should make more, and i dont care if you take my accounts or not 😀 you can also make my main your main now, since i dont play it anymore, if you remember the pass. o_O

  13. You did? K, then. I’ll make more.
    I don’t think I remember the pass. But I’m pretty sure I have it written down somewhere.
    Actually, I mostly need gameproboy because well.. I don’t feel like starting a new boy account 😛

  14. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Err, i think i forgot my dw pass to my main one too. xD
    It’s ok if you use the boy one. i honestly dont care

  15. thankies game 🙂

  16. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Another great chapter, even though its short. 😀 Blood smells…weird &..I dunno how to put it..strong or something. xP

  17. thanks kka 🙂
    LOL you’re right (no matter how weird it sounds), blood does smell strong xDD
    Hey would you mind if I introduced romance into the story..? I wanna write the next chapter but first I have to do decide! I want your opinion

  18. coolshun said:

    Dam u person!
    ur making me crave blood Dx ^,..,^

  19. Mmm… blood XD
    Honestly, I hate the taste of blood.
    Don’t ask me how I know what it tastes like O_O

  20. coolshun said:

    lolz go on ow more i dont see u in dw that much either..
    -.- oh yea i forgot
    i play dw once in a while

  21. I quit ow. I’m always on DW though. Well, I stopped going on DW a lot. No one’s ever on! You should accompany me!

  22. coolshun said:

    Lol ill try xD

    R u on now? 8)

  23. coolshun said:

    whoa… i never so dat face before xD

  24. coolshun said:

    hey ur not mi friend in dw >:o

  25. Actually I wuz on all of Friday. 😎
    How are you not my friend? We need a meeting time! Like, today at eight I’ll be on. Maybe earlier..

  26. coolshun said:

    yea.. im goin to a pary at 3…
    Sry Dx
    Last Party i went was at 2:00 p.m.
    Ended 2:00 a.m. xD

  27. coolshun said:

    Ill be in the Explorers Camp in Giggly o_o
    From This Time “12:00 3:00” 😛
    Cyu Ther

  28. aww I’m 30 minute late 😦

  29. Coolshun said:

    O_O well howbout now in wobbly xD canal city road

  30. Srry I read the comment too late.. you’re probably not on anymore…
    maybe next time XD

  31. Hey look I’m famous


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