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Superman Learns How to Factor..WTH?

I hope you like this page 🙂 It was originally supposed to be part of the Creations page, but it was way too long. Anyways, my math teacher Mrs. Blasberg assigned us a stupid factoring book. Basically, this was the story line we had to follow: Main character has problem, he learns factoring, he uses factoring to fix problem. It was pretty flexible. I chose a superman theme although I knew NOTHING about Superman. It was a real pain to have to research a comic book. Research + comic books = do not add up. I did it in comic book form. In 6th grade, we had to take Tech class. I was like WHEN AM I EVER GOING TO NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE THESE PROGRAMS? Well, they helped a lot for this project. My math teacher shows up in this story. The character I wanted to be her was actually a superman character I think but the character was sooo gorgeous and my math teacher is like 50 something so lol. I kind of had to downgrade it 😛 In case you’re as ignorant as I was when it comes to comic books, Kent Clark is Supermans secret identity. His biggest villain is Lex Luthor. He has super strength. Batman fans claim the Superman is really dumb compared to batman because apparently batman is some sort of super-genius haha

You can skip the educational stuff if you want xD

That was only 12 pages although it seemed long. Enjoy the following comics I found on the internet 😀 BTW, never look Superman up on google images. Spare your eyes from all the naked girls…

I really like this one.. but you have to click the pic below for it to work


This is who I originally used for mrs. blasberg:


Comments on: "Superman Learns How to Factor..WTH?" (4)

  1. LOL! “Superman’s idea to fight criminals was’nt going to well!” That made me LOL Hard 😆

  2. good xD

    How did you like the actual comic thing?

  3. I hope you’re not mad, but I skipped all the stuff about factoring.

  4. ROTFL I’m glad you didn’t torchure yourself by reading all that factoring stuff. It wasnt meant to be read, but it was the only math part from the whole math project so editing it out would be kinda useless.

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