From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Vinathii and Kkaa :)

I haven’t talked to you guys in, like, FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Just wanted to say hi and happy new year (kinda late to say that, but it’s a free country xP)

I don’t really go on this blog that much anymore becausee… of something that may be offensive to this person that I would not like to name. But all I’ll say is that I’m shy. xP

Andd, I have to say that… you guys changed me to a better person.(:


When I first met kka, I was, like, LAMEEEEE. And she changed me to a humerous person. 🙂

When I first met vinathi, I was…kinda serious and stuff… o.o but she changed me to an immature person(in a good way. lol)!

And yeahh.

Just wanted to say that. xD

So,I won’t comment much as often anymore cause i’m like SUPERRR addicted to maplestory. xP

Soo… -_-

and i am totally done with dw (it seems so childish now) i will rarely be on, but if you see me on dw, come by and talk to me! It may be the last time you’ll ever see my dw character…

-gamester (gameprogirl)’s almost my birthdayy. 🙂 2/23


Comments on: "Vinathii and Kkaa :)" (4)

  1. Yeahhh, get on DW or something (:

    A merry new year to you too 😛

    I think you changed me too. When I first went to DW I was really bored and lonely and sad. After I met kka and you, I felt better. Like I had a place in this world or something. And plus you two saved me from a summer of boredom xDD

    I thought about joining maplestory it sounds really cool. But then I figured out you have to download it.. and I don’t really have enough space on my computer

    I un-quit dizzywood. Ourworld got so.. lonely. No one goes on anymore. Dizzywood got lonely too but not as much

    I know =) I was wondering whether your b-day was in February or January. Good thing you told me 😛

  2. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ehh, all I know is I’m gonna get on dw tomorrow (23)


    Ohh, I see. but then i changed again. Inreal life, myy friends kinda describes me as an emo loner. And i was like “howw?” and so they sat down and hugged their knees and said “im an emo loner” xD

    Eh, well if you do play it and download it, don’t make ur usernamer vinathi cuz i am currently using it. xP

    Oh. I quit all the sites. but i’ll be on all of them on the 23 xP

    Mmm hmm.

  3. I know =)) I can’t wait! kka is out of town though so she probably won’t get a chance to say happy b-day. She definitely remembered though. In fact, she reminded me

    LOL that’s kinda weird 😛

    Really? Weee my username is special xD ok I’ll use vinathi1 😛

    Can’t wait 😉

    WEEEE I cannot wait until it’s your birthday. How old will you be? 12?

  4. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I’m here lol. I came back at 9 PM on Sunday. I’ll give you one word that relates to were I went: Casinos. Duhhh, its so obvious xD I’ll come on today too! Maybe at 3:30, maybe at 7. o.o
    My friends irl describe as a “peacemaker”. Others describe me as quiet and “smart”.
    Ooh. I wanna try that website. I’m not sure I have enough space either. 😛 I need to delete a lot of things. o.o
    Can’t wait to see you guys xP
    I don’t think she’s turning 12. 😛

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