From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Hey people! I was just really bored so I decided it was time to post something. Weee! Fun, isn’t it? Anyways, I have a bunch of sculptures to show you guys (or gals). If you like them, just tell me because there’s plenty where that came from 😛 No really, I have like 10 posts I’m waiting to do but I don’t wanna post them all at once 🙂

Woah! I wanna be frozen into the air forever! But I feel bad for the girl statue swinging the little boy because she has to swing him for eternity. She must be tired.


This one is just weird xD

Um.. dude? You're kinda upside down...

Save the trees! Meanie! Don't chop them down!!! Well, you deserve to be frozen into time for cutting down trees 😡

Ooo... sneaky little statue 😛

Theese look like the two Wright brothers when they were trying to create the first machine that could fly 🙂

WoW thats a big human :))

I wonder how the bench tastes?

This is my favorite one! It's a water fountain thats coming out of a sink!

Spare me sewer monster!

Thats a bigg finger.

Oh no! A two ton rhino is about to be dropped on this dude! Well, dude, have fun being squished like a pancake

Last but not least, a ball of stuff!

Lol these sculptures are kinda creepy ’cause I’m reading Percy Jackson and I just finished the part where he goes into the garden gnome emporium and there are a bunch of statues and Medusa almost turns Percy into a statue forever.


Comments on: "Sculptures!" (9)

  1. Which is your favorite?

  2. I like the big thumb and the water fountain one

  3. lol me too 😛
    The shark one wuz also pretty cool

  4. GameproGirl said:

    Long timey no talky, vinathi. xP
    Time for critizing… xD
    The picture that looks like the Wright brothers to you looks like girls flying a kite.
    The kid being swung around looks like a girl. xP
    I play MapleStory too often now… im such a nerddd now.
    I haven’t been on lately because I’m addicted to MapleStory. xPPP
    My mom’s such a weirdo. I’m going back to my OLD school now. When my mom told me that, I slapped her. 😐

  5. Heyo gamey. Missed you =)
    Ooh. Criticizing is fun 😛
    Ok fine it can be the Wright sisters.
    Lol right after I posted this I realized the lady was like, her mom or something and the little boy was not a boy
    Maplestory isn’t for nerds. You’re not a nerd either.
    I thought you liked your old school? Why do you keep switching?

  6. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Wow, the Wright sisters xDD
    Eh, my friend on the nerd scale from 1-10, she says im 6, sadly. xP cause im always talking about games during school xD
    Eh, my mom keeps switching ME because… i have no idea cause my mom wont tell me.

  7. What about the Wrong sisters?
    I think I’m 8 because I’m not like geeky smart but I read a lot and I’m on the computer bunch. Plus I have glasses to complete da look 😛
    Oh. Well, that’s weird O.O

  8. hi, kool blog and I love the statues…they are awesome and weird at the same time!!! Check out me and me bff’s blog. its new so dont be surprised that there isn’t a lot of stuff!

  9. thanks 🙂 I promise to check out your blog.

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