From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Let’s face it, Everyone has heard that amazing song from Kung Fu Panda called Kung Fu Fighting. And Disturbia by Rihanna? Classic. How about Beat like Drum by Sean Paul? BEATLAKDRUMMIGYAL. Did you know that the guy who sings Kung Fu Fighting is Black, not Asian? And the person who sings Beat like Drum is also Black, not Jamaican? Rihanna who sings Disturbia and tons of other popular songs is Black as well. And of course, there’s Bruno Mars and other rappers. Black people are just as talented as everyone else. As a guy named Jay said, “Why make race an issue at all? That’s an old, outdated, and useless paradigm. It’s a distraction from the art. It’s a useless, divisive game.” I just thought this was an interesting topic. I’m not sure how people can even tell the difference between the way that black people sing and the way that white people sing. It’s just color, but people have to make it so much more.


1) Me and kka have started writing a story! It’s about a mermaid kingdom that faces a horrible disaster. The first two chapters are already up:

2) In case you haven’t been following up on Bloody Mary, I moved the chapters from my blog to and I re-wrote them.


Comments on: "KUNG FU FIGHTIN" (7)

  1. Yeah, the world is so discriminating.. Of course I can’t say I’m not 100% dicrim-free. Our school bands the classes according to grades and every one thinks the SY class is the worst class. But they’re the best artists of the whole school. But some of my friends are sooo racist.. You do not know the value of a cookie until tasted.

  2. Okay, cookie, I know you were joking, but please don’t compare cookies to people. It makes me want to eat people O_O
    … jk 😛 (not)

    what’s sy?

  3. Yeap I was totally joking about the cookie thing, SY is just the name for a class, it stands for Sincerity but everyone is like the opposite there.

  4. Oh. I’m confused XD
    Mine’s great 😛 You gonna get that new GOOD-BAD ANGEL chap. up any time soon?
    Just out of curiosity, do you read Bloody Mary?

  5. I totally agree. Lots of people think some of my friends don’t like rap just because their white, and they think I automatically like it since I’m black. It’s actually funny cause it’s like the other person likes the thing we do. I haven’t heard beat like a drum but I’ll be sure to look it up. By the way I really like your blog ^-^

  6. @Vin Life’s nice far, though my exam results strayed a little from what I expected..and yes I do read Bloody Mary 🙂

  7. So, how was Judgement Day? You still good and alive?

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