From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I liked this game soo much that I edited the pics myself xD It’s basically a mystery game in which you.. solve a mystery ;D There’s this guy that stole classified info and you have to find him and stuff. It’s fun, but it’s too short for me. There are a few more new games on the game page, btw.

I’m sorry I keep forgetting about Friday blogging. I forgot it was Friday yesterday. Who remembers the day when it’s spring break, anyways? (Answer: Not me).


Comments on: "NEW GAME" (6)

  1. Red (Fantasy) said:

    lol I played that game when I was into point and click/room escape games.

  2. fan, you changed your wordpress picture 😀 Uber cute.

  3. Red (Fantasy) said:

    thanks :mrgreen: It’s from Fantage.

  4. Red (Fantasy) said:


  5. Red (Fantasy) said:

    i didn’t say moo O.O

  6. but.. you just said moo O_O

    Fan, saying Moo is nothing to be ashamed of.

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