From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Turtle :D

Sorry this post is late. I just found this great iphone game called “Surviving High School”. It’s a role-playing game, and frankly, I’m addicted. But I’m done with it now. If I want to play episodes and stuff further into the game, I have to pay. I think if you were to buy EVERYTHING it would amount to amount $30. I’d rather just buy plants vs. zombies with that money.

Okay. So check out this AMAZING site. Granny will tell your FORTUNE. Just ask a question. (She’s a little bit of a grump, though). Make sure your volume is on so you can hear her loud and clear 🙂

After wards, take a picture of yourself from the computer without a webcam using some legendary new technology ;D


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  1. Wondered and I both got it :D!! But she failed the puzzle game for getting the badger. I finished that one and then i finesse the one with Denni and Ben and my ending turned out that they all got super powers.

  2. ..
    I’m confused now xD

  3. Ok. Wonderer and I both got the game, I finished and went on to the episode with Ben and lost because everyone turend out getting super powers in the end that were in my group. Wonderer lost for getting the badger in football season. lol

  4. oh you have the full version XD That explains. What’s the difference between the non full and the full? Can you access ALL eps in the full?

  5. Auctually, I didn’t buy the whole game. I pressed the now airing button and got an episode. Why would I buy it o.O

  6. Oh! Thanks for the info! I’m going to re-download the game now. Btw, there’s supposed to be a new episode every week according to my sources 😀

  7. lolz @ Gramma Turtle I asked a random question on how to be popular (I had someone asked me to do it) and she said “Aw who cares? We’re all gonna burn in hell anyway!” What the BBQ-flavoured Cheezels?!

  8. she says some really funny things. Keep asking Qs, she’ll keep making you LOL.

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