From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Bloody Mary password

..Sorry about that. I know you guys want to read BM and I hate to prevent you from reading it, but I’m doing some editing =[

The page is currently password protected, but I don’t plan to shut it down. Well, I might shut it down. But if I do, I’ll replace it with this link, which consists of the Bloody Mary chapters I’ve already edited:



Hey, has anyone seen the bing background of the day? I thought it was pretty darn amazing :3 Bing bgs are almost as great as google logos.  I can see the tensionnn.

If you click around, Bing will inform you that this is the "Holi" Indian Festival of Color a.k.a. the Rainbow Gathering. It's taking place tomorrow and it's supposed to mean peace and love and harmony.


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