From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Garfield :D

I’m a huge garfield fanatic, and I recently discovered that there were TWO garfield TV shows. Garfield and friends is lamee but The Garfield Show rocks! So ya, if you want to see more Garfield show, go to YT and type in supergarfieldshow. That’s a channel name, but if you search the channel name on YT you get all kinds of eps 😀

P.S.Mubarak’s gone! No more fatheads! Yippee!

I’m 6 min through making Bob part 4. It’s the last one, so it needs to be slightly longer. Probably not gonna be out this month bc Im making a LOT of vids this month. I worked on it a little today, you’ll love it.

Also, BM is about halfway through. The story. Some of the story doesn’t make sense if you go back and read from the beginning, like the mood ring. If she couldn’t read, how could she read the tag that said red means bloodthirsty, blue in love, etc? And so I’m going to have to rewrite some of that stuff. Hey, funfact, did you know that minus the pictures, BM is only exactly 12 pages long? Yeah, so I’m gonna be working on a lot of BM stuff. Thankfully, I have a week of vacation to do that. Besides the faulty details and poorly written beginning, BM is the best thing my mind has ever conjured 😀
And last thing~ New blog theme and BG and header. Yeah, a lot of people are using the Bueno theme, and I got sick of seeing it so much. Don’t take this theme or I’ll have to change again. 😦 And because of the new theme, you have to go to the Creations page and THEN there are links to the pages under. No parent pages allowed in this theme.


Comments on: "Garfield :D" (3)

  1. I saw the episode of Garfield Show where that guy (i forget his name) was trying to take a family picture to give it to Liz but something always went wrong and Nermal got blown up to space O.o

  2. LOL i’ve never seen it. I looked up the name and the name is “Family Picture”. I shall watch it 😀

  3. Just finished watching it and OMG that was genius I love in the end how the picture turns out wrong after trying so long to make it perfect XD

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