From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Happy birthday game :3. I was in gym today, thinking about life and school and social statuses, when I realized your birthday was TWO weeks ago. I’m such a bad friend 😦 Anyways, I made you this (its not that great, but it took me awhile). A less sloppy version will be uploaded soon ❤
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Comments on: "My little game pro is growing up :’D" (6)

  1. GameproGirl said:

    LOL, my birthday is Feburary 23rd. o.o
    oh wells.

  2. You’re freakin kidding me?? ROFL I thought it was JANUARY 23 xD

    Lylas to you too xDDD

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Oh, LOL.

  4. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol xD

  5. GameproGirl said:

    Thanks, kka ! 😀
    Happy really early birthday to you, too? o_o

  6. Happy really early/really late bday to kka =P

    Oh and game, how about we all get on at 6 on Fri? I know at this point I’m saying that so much it becomes cliche, but we barely met up last time 😛

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