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OMC contest

Background: OW is holding a contest for 1000 gems, in which you have to make a video under 3 min about friendship. The OMC peeps will make 1 vid, but we need a script, so I’m running my own mini contest. If you’re not interested, skip right down to the section that says IMPORTANT STUFF TO KNOW.

The theme is BFFS. Write a script in the threads on the site. Best script will win themselves some kinda from me and will have their script featured in the OW contest. Most likely the prize will be something on your wishlists under 15 gems. More gems if I feel generous and have extra. And if I can’t decide, we’ll do a poll.

If I think no one deserves to win, I’ll just write one myself. Deadline for scripts is Friday 2/11 3:30  PST. Don’t make the script too long and boring. Should be 1-3 min and easy to act out with not a lot of editing that I have to do that way we can have the video out ASAP. The script should have some extra characters in which we don’t NEED for the movie, but just are there just in case lotsa people show up.

Important stuff to know:

Show up at OMC meeting on Fri at 3 30 or else you don’t get to be in the movie. Ourworld is giving out a 1000 gems prize to winners. That’s EVERYONE who participates in the video. Don’t miss out on your chance to get rich. If you want to be one of the main characters, you have to show up for all the movie meetings we’ll have between now and 2/26. That includes a meeting at 3 30 every friday (go straight to, we are not meeting on the chatbox) and saturday 6 pst. I will record/edit unless someone volunteers to help.


Comments on: "OMC contest" (7)

  1. Cutiegirl320 said:

    But we can’t meet each other in ourWorld we have to add each other first so what is your username mine is cutiegirl320


  3. Look o the chat page. My script is there cuz i couldn’t think of where to put it. Tell me if ya want any changes or something like that

  4. GameproGirl said:

    I’d make a script but you guys are meeting at 3:30.
    oh wellz.

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