From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

It’s auctually been in there somewhere….I am talkin’ bout my gaia. I got it when i was about 7. Now i know what you’re thinking. WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD A 7 YEAR OLD BE DOING WITH A GAIA ACCOUNT?!?!?!?!?! Well I didn’t create the accout. It was my older cousin who wanted ANOTHER gaia account. I am abriviating C as cherry and N as my cousin’s name. Here’s how the conversation went:

N: Can I use your e-mail for a gaia account?

C: Well, um… i dunno i don’t think i will be able for you to get it. Why? Don’t you already have about 3?

N: Yea, but i want another one!

C: I’m not sure…

N: FINE THEN!! Your not cool!! I’ll ask your sister

C: WAIT WAIT WAIT!! I am cool!! You can use mine!!

N: Ok then, thanks.

The end. Here is a pic of my gaian. Or however you spell it. I dunno? Now here is a pic of my current gaiain:



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