From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

New poem :)

So today game, I, and kka met up. We got on ourworld and acted out a movie that will hopefully be out soon. Make sure you read the last post, btw. We’re meeting on meebo next fri, at 6 pst. if you don’t have a meebo you can always just talk to me and/or kka and/or game from the side of our blogs without an account. If you do have one, add me (dizzyvinathi), and I’ll get you hooked up! Btw, new poem. I put it on the creations page.

The OBFF Poem:

~An OBFF is key word for online BFF for when you’re writing in a journal or something. Not that I own a journal. Or that I wrote this poem in my journal. Or that I’m lying when I say I didn’t write this poem in the journal that, by the way, I most definitely don’t have. Ehem.~

Long distance friendship,
can be the dearest of all
between you and the real world
build a wall

Meet someone new
Someone you never knew
soon they’ll be close to your heart
though you may live far apart

Talk to them about everything
you’ll feel strangely at ease
Say what’s on your mind
your sadness will seize
by me 🙂


Comments on: "New poem :)" (4)

  1. that was beautiful 😥

  2. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    you’re an amazing poet! im jealous of your amazing poetry skills D:

  3. Yeah. I got skillz. 😛

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