From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Yuh liek to run? Not meh.


Comments on: "Yuh liek to run? Not meh." (6)

  1. to hel wilth excrise

  2. O_o i like to run. y not yew?? Exept i think i slowed down in da years and then i stopped liking it O_o and then i get all sweaty and then i drink a lot of water and then i have to use the bathroom. Do u like dragonflies?? Not meh. Or at least not the ones with weird bumpy things on their backs that really freaks meh out O_o

  3. I wuv running :3

  4. I kinda hate running. Partly because I really SUCK at it and partly my teachers force me. And when my friends play tag,I’m always It, no fail..

  5. I have the toughest (and the fattest) gym teacher in the school and I have a reputation for my slow running and sucking at sports. How’s that for Fail?

  6. o_O I suck at every sport in the Universe..except heart-pumping.

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