From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

My xmas special that I uploaded a few days ago 😀

BTW I removed the “Latest Dizzywood Fashion” page. It was hard, I admit, but Dizzywood is closing and there’s no use for it. I really liked it because I dressed a my Dizzywood character into a lot of different book characters. Here’s the page, I’m going to just copy and paste it all below so I can still look at it.

Hehe lookie! I’m in the cover of a fashion magazine!

I better start sharing mi awesomes fashion trix with you so you can be in the cover!

I do the latest non-memba fashions.

Here are mi fashion stuffs:

I use da diamond headbands a lot. When I was walking around in this outfit, some guy walked up to me and said “You look like a princess” then he justwalked away free smileys

Weee and that’s my Rapunzel-barbie-in-plaid-look

Now I’m going to do characters from books/movies


The Lightning Theif

This is Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He has a basketball background because in book 4 he says he’s usually one of the people who plays basketball and the back of the dances. For the blingee I did a lightning thief thingy



This is Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. She’s wearing archeology gear (cuz she loves archeology) and white vinatage pants.


Bella Swan

This is Bella Swan from Twilight. She has on the vintage coat and pants. (cuz she hates the cold and is usually wearing heavy gear)

Katniss Everdeen

This is Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games . She loves to go hunting so here she is out in the forest. I know that I already used the Vinatage coat and pants, but this was the closest thing I could find to her father’s hunting jacket.

Peeta Melmark

This is Peeta Melmark. Throughout the Hunger Games series, he is known to be “The boy with the bread”. He’s wearing baby blue to express his kind personality. He is part of the richer District 12, so unlike Katniss and Gale, his face is not thin.

I really wanted to do Gale, but seriously, I couldn’t find a look hot enough for him. So, I’m skipping him.

This is the amazing Max from Maximum Ride. This one was kinda hard because her hair color isn’t directly mentioned in the book. It keeps changing. I tried to do the Brown hair blonde streaks thing from Book 2. Her eyes are the color of “eyes like non barfed chocolate” I tried to dress her up not too girly xD

This is Fang from Maximum Ride. There’s the tan skin and the blackness and everything so I thought it was pretty good. His hair is scruffy and longish. You gotta love Fang smiley emoticons

This is Angel from Maximum Ride. I tried to make her all white and sweet and stuff, but it was all I could do NOT to put devil horns on her head! free smileys

I hope you liked this 😛


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