From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Ok. Guess what. Bob theme song. Done. My sis sang and we wrote the words together. Subscribe (to either my youtube channel vinathi1 or this blog) and be the first to know when Bob p. 4 comes out! Also, it says “Coming in December”, but it might be ’til January. If you haven’t seen my Bob series, then HOW COULD YOU! I HATE YOU!.. jk. Go watch them. They’re under my creations page. So here’s the theme song. Consider it a late xmas gift.

Also, while I’m posting, we have a new movies site for our club. Anyone can edit the pages, so you don’t need an account! But.. if you don’t join  I can’t message you about upcoming meetings. Also, we already have 2 meetings scheduled. Check the meeting page.

Another thing: Montage almost done! Yippeee! It’s hard to edit all the stuff you turned in though. Please give me your youtube username, a link to a pic of you in dizzywood, and your dizzywood username IF you turned in pictures, or at least attempted. So far I have lexypuppy, lalvan, and kka. This is important. Anyone who doesn’t tell me this info does not get credit, because I can’t keep track of all of you.


Comments on: "BOB THEME SONG– DONE!" (14)

  1. x) Bob ish finished!! Yay but my comp won’t let me listen to it since i have the little chippy thing that you put in for internet and not a cable or wireless. The cable for our comp has been acting up a lot so that is why i wasn’t on so much i the 24th – whatever day today is (26th i think) and so i hafta wait until the new years i think for me to start getting fast internet again
    ~Pie O_O

  2. Nice song!! Btw, I joined wetpaint, here’s an idea for a script:

    This girl called Alice is very vain and she like mirrors a lot,one day she buys a mirror, not knowing it;s cursed and if she ever tells a lie in front of it, it’ll suck her into another dimension. She tells a lie that she’s the most beautiful girlin the world and mirror sucks her into Nevermore/Wonderland and she has to escape before other imprisoned souls sacrifice her to some supernaturual jailkeeper AKA spirit of the mirror to escape.

  3. Oh and the jailkeeper could be Dungeon Master BoB or something..

  4. 😥 still too young to join wetpaint. And i am also on my bad computer, again. But the internet is faster than i though it would be.
    ~Pie O_O (ever since you did that poll, i’ve been using that in all my e-mails and ect. xD )

  5. BTW, Cherry, for you, I did this thing where ANYONE can write scripts whether they got an account or not 🙂

  6. Thx! OMC!!! OMC is awesome!!!! I checked it out last night and then my computer was being nice and let me watch the Bob video:
    Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob he is a stickman
    Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob is stinkier than a garbage can
    Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, he got swalloed my a shark
    Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, he is very smart. NOT
    And ect. Well the point is i love both of them

  7. Awww thanks 😀 We haven’t made any videos for omc yet. I really need to start making vids.

  8. 🙂 yay i finally watched it!! (did i say that already?) Well yay i like it
    To Vinathi’s sister: x3 i like the bob song u did very good!!! My fav part is ‘Bob is very smart. NOT’ xD

  9. Haha thanks. We wrote the song together 🙂

  10. Vinathi,for some reason every time I try to go to the Meetings page,my internet keeps saying ” Blah blah blah OPERATION ABORTED” 😦 but on the brighter side I’ve got the script done and all we need now is to edit it and act it out. ( I think it REALLY needs to be edited, there’s too much to say and on oW, if you say too much it’ll come out as “***”

  11. Make sure to put the script under the script page when you’re done. We want to keep all our movie stuff in one place. IF you dk how to do that, look at the script page.

    And here are the meetings because you cant see the meetings page:

    Last moments on Dizzywood Presto’s Edge on Dec. 30 2:00 pm PST

    First OMC meeting on ourworld We will start it at the xat chat box on chatty page and see where it ends up Jan. 1 2:00 pm PST

  12. I know it’s really really late to turn in any more pics as ur probably done w/ the montage but if you’re not…

  13. Never too late 😀 Who are you in Dizzywood?

  14. Oh wait. You fizazz> ive known u for a while without knowing it XD Can you send me a pic of you by urself?

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