From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Happy Santa Claus Day :P

Happy Holidays

So um.. as a minor xmas present, I added a little game at the bottom of my about me page. I don’t celebrate xmas but I keep logging onto blogs to get gifts 😀 You can never have enuf gifts. Speaking of that, give me a gift below..


Comments on: "Happy Santa Claus Day :P" (5)

  1. are u jewish or something?? or muslium hindu.
    ps- i love jewsidh people

  2. I’m Muslim, actually. If you look at my about me page, there’s a whole section about that.
    I think you’re Jewish. Just a guess. I don’t mind Jewish people. Only the ones that hate Muslims. And are radical. And are KILLING the people in my country. Other than that, most Jews are just swell. O-O

  3. Auctually, were Catholic. I love people with other religions! I think its fun to learn their ways to worship God and stuff like that! My friend goes to my school and shes Leaurtherin! (did i spell that right?)

  4. I’m not sure what Leaurtherin is.

  5. Thank you all for the gifts. Especially the rock. Reminds me of the special rock in kka’s house 🙂

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