From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I know I’ve posted 3 times this week, and blablabla, but This is important. I just had this great idea 🙂

I heard the song Twilight by Vanessa Carlton on kka’s blog, and I was like THIS IS PERFECT. And so I got this amazing idea that we could all do a mash up! Rather than each of us make a goodbye video for dizzywood, we could all do a mashup with pics of our memories. It could highlight the moments important to EACH of us. So, I worked it out. If you have pictures you would like to contribute, just say “I HAVE GOOD PICTURES” in the comments, and I’ll tell you what to do from there. I swear, it’s REALLY simple. I’ll do EVERYTHING from there, except for the uploading pictures part. And I’ll attach an annotation at the end of the vid advertising each of your channels and I’ll make sure you get credit.

Enjoy the following pics:


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  2. Thank you, lal XD
    Actually, Lexypuppy turned in like 50 different pictures of you two together. If you think you can find some she couldn’t find, here’s the link!

  3. Which ones were the ones lexy put up?

  4. there was the twin bunny one, the band one, the cave one, the garden one, and the beach one.

  5. Oh yeah I have lots of other pics!

  6. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I’m sending mine right now. Sorry if there’s doubles. D:

  7. S’okay. Man, I’m getting a lot more stuff than I planned.

  8. Did u take my pics yet??
    (I’ll try sneeking on dw tonight to see if i can get some pics 4 ya)

  9. i know you must be done w/the vid but did anyone take a pic of the last of dw?? here’s the link (use if u like)

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