From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Blood-y Mar-y

This is either ch.9 or ch. 10…Chapter ____: Ghampires

It was a good day to be alive that day, or in Mary’s case, half-alive. The sun was shining, the birds were singing (although they stopped abruptly and flew away once they noticed Mary), and Mary was on her way to school. It all had happened really fast, actually. Mary’s heart was still racing at a bazillion miles per second. Her ring shone deep blue -which meant in love, by the way- right now. Her smile was so bright she thought someone might notice her. And despite the fact she was cramped on a pile of bookbags in the trunk of Kevin’s (just saying his name made her feel absolutely giddy!) car, she was happier than she’d ever been since her mom died. After Mary dicovered Kevin (hehe) and Adam were ACTUALLY real, she could not keep still. Of course there was the normal dose of questions sprinkled with frustration and topped with annoyance that Kevin had never tried to contact her over the years covered in confusion, yet Mary’s joy overcame all that. She’d question him and deal with all that stuff later, but right now she was just happy. Just happy.
It was a long story, WHY she was in his car. After Mary had gotten over the shock (well not really, she still hadn’t gotten over it) Mary caught herself wishing Kevin could see her too. And then they could get married and go waltzing into a happy sunset and live happily ever after. Sure, he might be a little freaked out that she was stalking him, but that’s not the point.
So, anyways, Mary was sitting under that desk, just earlier today, when it happened. Kevin told Adam about his dream. That was not very peculiar, since people tell others their dreams all the time. Mary hadn’t even really been listening at this point. That wasn’t very peculiar either. After all, she was still a bit dazed. What really got her attention was the word “dead”. Mary looked up quickly. Who was dead? She leaned in so she could hear better “..came back to life. As a Ghampire. I’ve got to find her.” Adam rolled his eyes. “But Kevin, you had a dream seven years ago she died. And remember how you put us all on an airplane so we could go investigate?? We asked around the whole school if they had seen her lately. You were wrong. You are wrong right now. Ghampires are not real. Only little kids believe in that kind of stuff.”
Mary blinked. She knew who they were talking about of course. Kevin had been having dreams about her. Not like weird-fairytale-world dreams, but real dreams, rather like predictions of the future, except they were about the past. And he had dragged them all the way to horrible Evansville, Indiana, home of blizzards and snow storms just to look for her? But 7 years ago was about the time she had died. Why had everyone acted so innocent? But then it hit her. Duhh. The Fire Crew had told them to. And what was all this talk about Ghampires? What the heck was a Ghampire? Kevin said it like it was the spookiest thing on earth. Mary leaned in for more clues.
But Kevin had stopped talking. He was looking straight at Mary.

So that’s how Mary came to be in the trunk of Kevin’s car. Kevin was 17, like her. He was at the start of his senior year. She knew all this because at the moment, Mary was fingering through his backpack. So what if she were a little nosy? Curiosity is a good thing, right? Except for that one time when curiosity killed the cat.
Oh wait– Mary hadn’t quite completed the story. Kevin stared at her for a full minute, while Mary stared back. Adam broke the silence by saying, “Dude, are you daydreaming again? We’re late for school!” And then when Kevin looked into his closet to find something to wear, get this, Adam winked in Mary’s direction.
Mary had turned around, careful not to bump her head again. There was only a fly. Maybe he’d winked at the fly. It was more likely than winking at the invisible freak.
But it hadn’t been the first time someone had acted like they’d seen her. Just a week ago, there was this little boy who was skipping happily along the park, one hand holding the string of a balloon with a smiley face painted on it and the other clutching a lady’s hand. Suddenly, his shiny eyes seemed to stop glowing. He looked at the lady and said, “Mama, doesn’t that girl look funny?” And he pointed right at me. The mother said, “Adam that’s rude!” without even looking up. But then she did look up, a bit curiously, and gave her son a maybe-I-shouldn’t-have-fed-you-pizza-last-night look.
Just then, a little blonde girl, about six, ran into the room. A blonde man was chasing after her. “THE GHAMPIRES ARE COMING! WOOOO!” the man was yelling, his hands extended like a zombies. He looked like the male version of the girl. Her father, of course. The girl was screaming, “DON’T DEAD ME!” Kevin, now fully dressed, jumped up and down, trying to prevent the little girl from running right into his legs.  A lady’s voice yelled, “Cut it out, honey!” Adam fell over onto the bed laughing.
“Susie, calm down! Kevin, you’re going to break something! Dylan, stop scaring the kids! And”— her voice became sweeter— “Adam, try not to disturb the neighbors.” They all sighed. By now, everyone was sitting on the bed, even the mother, who was astonishingly pretty. She reminded Mary of sunshine and cookies.
Mary took in the scene. They were the ideal family. All of them were blondes, except for Adam. If you were to look at this family from a picture frame, that would be the first thing you’d notice. But from here, the Smith family looked perfectly happy and in place.
The little girl got up from between Kevin and Adams. She was holding a piece of paper with two scribbles on it that resembled humans. She pointed to the scribbles. “That’s Adam and that’s Kevin. You are my best bothers!” Everyone complimented Susie on her new masterpiece. Then she skipped out of the room babbling about fairies.
When they were all gone, Mary carefully made her way from underneath the desk, a huge grin on her face, like one you’d see on a little girl who had just won a lifetime supply of fairy costumes.

It’s just so cute 😥

Reminded me of Mary…


Comments on: "Blood-y Mar-y" (7)

  1. 0_o the girl at the bottom that reminds you of Mary – I thought is was a barbie doll at first but then it came to me that it was a real person. wonderer says its about time you come out with it i think its really good 🙂 .

  2. The eyes are freak-ish-ly large though another thing i just noticed. Still kinda looks like a barbie doll though

  3. Thanks. It’s actually a Blythe doll. I used to be obsessed with those. They’re so cute! In fact, I was supposed to make a movie out of them, but I got lazy. I had all the pics and everything 🙂 Blythe dolls have big eyes :3

  4. make more chapters…maybe later u could combine all the chapters and make a book and get rich and famous and then it turns into a movie and u get rich and famous

    it would be my favorite halloween movie. (along side the corpse bride and the nightmare before christmas)

  5. Lol thanks. My friend irl is obsessed with those Halloween movies, you know 🙂

  6. Ққa2297♪ said:

    That’s a great idea! 😀 Make it a book, and I’ll buy it. ^^
    I think the picture is a doll. 😛
    lol I doubt he winked at a fly. great chapter once again! keep it going 😀

  7. I was thinking about making it a book. But it would be awfully short. And I know nothing about getting books published.

    I can’t believe you guys have the patience to read this stuff, guys. I’m glad you do, but if it were me, I wouldn’t read this series. Too long, and there’s no action (yet). Anyways, I made myself a promise that I would read other’s boring long stories because 1) they might be good and 2) you guys read my long boring stories 🙂

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