From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Dizzywood=Almost gone forever

The memories. The happiness. The friends. Where did all those years go? Let’s admit it, Dizzywood is a vital part of our memories. No more will it be open. For, on Dec. 31, 2010, it will be closed forever. Dizzians will be forced to use, the Dizzywood Alternative. I say we all meet up on Dec. 30, 2010, and do a last, standing video and have some serious fun. Like, the best fun of our lives. It will start at 2 pm. We are still meeting the day before Xmas also.

Let’s admit it. We were all a major factor in Dizzywood’s closing. Every time a non member stole member clothes and member hair. Every time we tried to find glitches to bend the rules. Every time we encouraged other’s to quit. I don’t think we considered that we were robbing dizzywood financially. And all of us assumed Dizzywood would still be around when we were 30. I was one of the first dizzians, 1000+ days old, back when they sold things on boxes. It has been a major turning point in my life. Dizzywood made me more social and well, happy. I don’t think you know the depths of happiness this friendship gave me. When I was moving, I lost everything except for you guys. And I thank you for supporting me in the good and bad times. Friendship has no boundaries :]

Right– so– I can’t give you guys up. That would be horrid. Evacuation plan B: We all transfer to ourworld. My ourworld name is vinathi. Add me. and Tell me your’s in the comments. Evacuation plan A is join each other’s blogs, which is what we’ve done. I love you. All of you. Oh, and I joined secretbuilders. They made an effort to make us feel welcome, but I’m not feelin’ the love. I look exactly the same lol XD





  1. I didn’t check out secret builders yet… I did a post on kka’s blog if you haven’t heard. I though you would auctually have like a ‘lil dw world to play on like with all of the same people and places and ect. No more dw blogs. I auctually started crying once i heard the news. Couldn’t dw go to something more-i dunno popular than secret builders. The name kinda sounds weird to anyways…Sure we can meet up on ourworld and do vids to i guess, at least we wont get muted for talking about love and stuff. I will mis my one, my only- Dizzywood.

  2. Oh yes, i will also talk to my dad about buying the site, making it better and it will be beta.- I am serous. :I does this face look serious to you. If not, then think about it that way. Goodby. I even almost finished my dw movie. I will miss you-I have even always been looking forward to a farthing pond again, everyting else. 😥 goodby Dizzywood.

  3. It’s not like dizzywood at all. But there are banners everywhere to make us feel welcome and you can log in with your old user. Still, you dont even have the same friends.

    Ourworld will be my new site. I will use ourworld from now on. After DIzzywood expires, I will stick to ourworld. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten re attached to dizzywood. I almost cried.

    Cherry, if you care, get onto twitter and type #savedizzywood

  4. wait, also, whats your ow user?

  5. My ow user. XxSunglarexX or Xx_Sunglare_xX i cant remember which one. I go on ow everyonce and a while. Second game i love the most. I almost cried too vinathi, i almost cried too. I was even thinking in my mind ‘Once i return to FL, or get my own comp. (whichever comes first because my dad doesn’t let me play them i was sooo addicted to both at first so thats the only reason i dont go on.) OW is auctually pretty cool. A lil better than dw. I wonder if my dad would mind if i changed the homepage of our comp. to bing (change it to bing= 20 free gems 😀 ) And also i go on to do the flow cheat every day

    Type in this: test-mode 42
    Type in this: cryptobiologist
    It doesn’t matter if something random comes up. Say you get 13 flow 1 time you do it, then next day, you get 14 🙂 max is 100. Once i did the glitch and my showed up-‘Why do cows only fly at night’ and this other girl said ‘Dunno’ and then the next time i did it my person said ‘Why do cows only fly at night’ again. that never happenes. Then the other girl yelled at me ‘Said DUNNO!’ Lol this is all so random. Point is, i rlly love ourworld. When i first joined, i auctually played like 3 day straight leveling up and then i went on dw and my friend was like ‘Kitty u havent been on dw in a while’ and im like ‘i kno ive been kinda…busy’ lolzz

  6. oh yea, dont have a twitter though bcuz i said to my mom ‘Mommy can i get a twitter’ and she’s like ‘What 4? its practicly for telling everyone what your doing. Like i am eating a sandwhich. I finished my sandwhich. I am watching t.v . 😦 i got kinda mad. I even went to the twitter sign in and it doesn’t even ask u for a age. I only asked 4 1 becasue i asked 4 a facebook and she said no. To tell the truth- im not even 13.

  7. […] apperent reason so now im sooooo mad i could bomb the owners house and then take over dw myself. Now CLICK HERE to see our emergency evacutaion plan by vinathi. We’re moving to ourWorld instead. So everyone […]

  8. […] i could go up to California or where ever the owners house is and  then take over dw myself. Now to see our emergency evacutaion plan by vinathi, CLICK HERE. We’re moving to ourWorld instead. So […]

  9. graciesluv said:

    Sad to see Dizzywood close. I checked out SecretBuilders. Its got some cool close and I love the home. You guys should give SecretBuilders a chance.

  10. I also checked out’s ok the house is cool, like a chalet?! And well..I made an OW acc just now..I don’t really like it it’s too confusing..Even though SB is giving us a nice welcome it’s sad to know we’ll never feel how it once was to be a dizzy…

  11. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol i smiled about the twitter “I’m making a sandwhich. I’m eating a sandwich. I finished the sandwhich.”

    I cried when DW said that they’re closing. Its my favorite website, and always will be. It was how our whole friendship started. I haven’t tried SecretBuilders yet, but I will soon.

    Sometimes I think about how my friends irl don’t know that I go on sites like DW and OW. Its like two worlds. Real and Internet. They don’t like going onto the Internet and talking to strangers (You aren’t strangers). They think its weird and creepy. But that’s a judgment, like the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. They didn’t try it. Don’t label. It depends on the strangers you start talking to. Its just like school. Of course you have to talk to a stranger to become friends. Just talk to the ones who aren’t dangerous.
    …That was kinda random.

    LYLAS 🙂

  12. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Yay for long comment. xD

  13. Oh yeah I forgot to tell u my ourworld user, it’s c00kiesweet99, i know- lame I was just trying to make it sound nicer..

  14. arrgh!! sry for spamming just delete them 00 as in (zero)

  15. Ққa2297♪ said:

    THANKS FOR THE CARD!!! Golden cookieee! xD
    i love how one of the pet’s mouth kept moving for like 10 seconds even though all the chat bubble said was “shinyyyyy”

  16. I added yuh all =] Now, I’ve been.. gone.. for the last few days. Well, not really. My internet just shut down. It just went on stupid mode. So, I’m catching up with comments! Prepare to read the world’s longest comment (dundundun :-o)

    Just a Q, what’s fl? Hmmm. Thanks for the cheats, anyways. I need all the flow I can get. Plus, the random comments are fun to read heh

    Twitter is a lot better than it sounds. Trust me, I used to make fun of twitter a lot and now I’m addicted LOL. I think the magic is that everyone uses it. You can follow a fact person, famous people, funny people, and you’re friends. I dunno. It’s just a way to keep in touch.

    OW isn’t that confusing. Give it a chance. SB confused me a lot tho. I walked up to this new dizzy (prob. only a few hours old. She couldn’t talk and had the starter clothes on) and I told her that she would never experience Dizzywood, ever, because it was leaving. Luckily, her voice wasn’t activated yet. I wonder what she would’ve said? XD

    Omigosh. I love your analogy, Kka. Can I call you Kakes? Lol, i dunno. Your name is too short for nicknames D-:
    But srsly, that’s exactly how I think of it. I like my little online world better than reality, though

    I wrote thiss longgg comment on dizzywood’s blog post trying to make them feel guilty about shutting down Dizzywood. I talked about how as a lost ten-year-old in a lost world I needed a place to hospitalize me and blablabla. They’re moderating it. I felt a lot better after spending an hour writing that long comment on why they should keep Dizzywood open.

    Oh, ya, the card. Glad you liked it =P I made it and I wuz like, “This is so lame that I am tempted to forward it to all my friends” 😀

  17. I could’ve written more but I didn’t want to write a novel or anything..

    I changed my homepage to Bing for gems, but if I change it back to iGoogle I’ll feel like a cheater :-/

  18. @Vinathi I’ve been OW for a couple of days leveling up and it’s pretty fun I guess..better than SB except for the fact evertime I sit down someone asks me to be their girlfriend..o.O of course I said no, no, no, no. 0.0

  19. Ikr? The guys on OW are sooo annoying. One way you can get rid of them is to send your heart to a friend so that way the guys see your heart is taken. Except it’s not, because it would be really weird to date your friend

  20. =) hey vin i checked out my oW today and added you, chihuahua, and maple. =) And i also got a new look using my 44 gems. I thougt as soon as i got on i didn’t look good enough compared to you and everyone else, so i said to myself ‘I want to look cool like everyone else.’ Then i saw this girl in a dress and said to myself ‘Perfect! I’ll just buy a cute little dress.’ It cost 42 gems in total for the dress (the limeted edition christmas one) and the paris hair. I also have the bunny ears. I’m about 26 flow away from lvl. 18 so i’ll try levelin’ up l8r. Sorry i dont have any pics for the dw vid. Unless you wanna take the ones from my blog, i give you permission. You can also use the one i did for halloween and the one i took for leaves. This guy once asked me to be his gf, i said yes, he said change your chin, and im like ‘What????’ And then he said ‘We’re thorugh’ What a son of a Bleep-Blop xD . And another time this dude gave me his heart, and then no more then 5 mins later, he took it away. And once i clicked on this girl, and other girls gave her a heart… I was like ‘That’s so…..’ I couldn’t even finish the sentence. Well g2g….do something because i cant make this go on forever. Have fun and check ur e-mail!

  21. I love gem outfits. You should see my sister’s outfit. I had to give her a makeover because she had NINETY gems. Gosh. Talk about rich. She’s “Courtney is cool”

    BTW, giving a heart to a friend does not make you gay. Srsly. It just means that you’re friends, and if any guy tries to take her heart you’ll bash his face in 😀

  22. lol ;P but I don’t feel like giving hearts anyway, why doesn’t oW just ban anyone who tries to date??! bcos internet dating= sick and unreal

  23. Someone tried to have online … with me once. I was on gaia, which is supposed to be a kid website but is full of adults, and I got into the towns area and this dude came and yeah. I was like, “OOPS GOTTA GO!” From then on, I stuck to zOMG. That’s like a battle monsters thing. No adult would ever want to spend time doing that. Oh gosh, that was the weirdest moment of my life.

  24. O_0 weird some guy tried to have onlie … with you. That happened to me in dw once. This guy came running up to me asking if i singal, i said ya, and he said come to my house. I did as i was told. He was like, ..takes of shirt.. ..takes off pints.. And then i was like ‘Um… i think your taking it a little to far…’ And then i left because i was so scared. At least oW won’t block out your text for saying ‘love’ and ‘baby’ and stuff like that

  25. Well, I think i was just stupid to not have seen it coming. Gaia is occupied by adults who are anime geeks.

  26. Gaia is anime?? Never knew dat.

  27. yeah. Check out the forums. Everyone is a genius when it comes to drawing. Also, there are tons of roleplaying clubs

  28. Ққa2297♪ said:

    People can be really sick. No one has done that to me, but I’m glad.
    Gaias still kind of confusing to me. xD

  29. Gaia is really fun. Just stick to zOMG. Don’t go near the forums. Don’t go to the towns. Be careful who you friend.

    Guys can be really sick. The girls on gaia are a lot nicer. In general.

  30. I screamed when I found out Dizzywood is shutting down. It was a real heartbreaker.
    But we have 3 ways to all stay in touch



    Blog posts/comments

  31. Lal’s right.

    OW is going to be way too hard to make MVs with bc I can’t have open more than one acc

  32. You cld make a fake acc…

  33. Sorry,I mean why not play on fb and on the site itself???

  34. no wait I meant I can’t have a fake acc because the internet will crash

  35. 😦 I remember the day I found dizzywood. It was all because of an ad on neopets :D. I showed it to my best friends and we went on all the time. My first ‘online friends’ were made there. I actually tried going on there today (after December 31)and it let me. Maybe they just are advertising SecretBuilders, but I think we’ll have a few weeks before its officially gone. Sorry I’m so bad at remembering to get on here :/.

    I guess I sorta forgot about Twitter for a while… On there I’m anz60564.

    ourworld… um something like C8 LiNgUiNi 8I I honestly can’t remember :I

    My blog is its is impossible to read so were trying to fix that 😛

    dizzywood/secret builders: annamh

    Gaia: annamh60564 (I ❤ zOMG)

  36. Thanks for commenting 😀 I remember finding Dizzywood too. The ads popped up later. I was looking for a good site for my little sister to not get bored on 😛

  37. I remember finding dw by my friends. They live in Virginia and we go up there to visit my grandma (she’s in dc) and so we go visit them a lot anytime we are there and 2 years ago and they said ‘Have you heard of dizzywood?’ i said no and they showed it to me. I got sooo addicted even though there’s nothing to do and i just loved it :3
    My dw:hellokitty0910
    My ourWorld: XxSunglarexX
    My SecretBuilders: kat553 (i had to change it bcuz it said hellokitty0910 was ‘Interpropriet or had bad words’ xD

  38. NOTHING TO DO? NOTHING TO DO?!?!?! Dizzywood has EVERYTHING to do. You can go to the jumpy thingy in Canal City and go to a never-ending forest and hunt for parts of pets (lol that sounds gross). You can do missions. You can visit the treehouse, which is actually a spy center. You can do mazes and riddles. You can go against bosses in games. You can grow plants. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY THERE’S NOTHING TO DO IN DW D-:

    Lol they said hello kitty is inappropriate xD

  39. lolz,pathetic computers.. when I tried using “cookiesweet”as a username for this game,they kept saying it was inappropriate. I was like “Cookie+sweet = SWEAR WORD?!” That might be the lamest math equation ever.. o.O

  40. vinathi worked just fine for me 🙂

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