From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

If you read the title of this post slowly, trying to figure out what it said, go back and read it super quickly and loudly (out loud. Common, peeps, don’t just say it in your head. Say it out loud). I’ll give you a few seconds for that…


Now check to make sure that no one is staring at you because of when you said that 😀

Now go to Time yourself saying that. JK you don’t have to.  I did, though, just for fun. I got 4 and a half seconds 😛

OH RIGHT PSHH I didn’t even explain the title. You think this far into the post I would’ve done that. Well, Im talking about fuun’s partay. And if you don’t come, then let’s just say that Elmo knows where you live. Click here for deets.

Okayz, so answer the following poll, based on a real life experience that happened last Friday.



  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I did the “Tell on her/we actually studied” one. My second choice would be the “REVENGEEE!” one though. xD
    What did you do? 😛

    I’m losing my voice because of this annoying cough. >.< At first I said (about the title) "oh my gosh did i heart the word party?" but then i realized i said it wrong. xD

  2. I did “tell on her” XD My second choice would’ve probably been “Try to ignore the constant whispering of what the next test answer is”

    Annoying coughs are just.. annoying :-/

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