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Homemade Silly putty??

Well guess what? I made silly putty in Science today. And we didn’t even have to answer questions about our experiment, which is soo un-like Mr. K. Trust me. I’ve had him for two years, and he makes us answer questions for the most pointless labs. On plus side, silly putty, on minus side, we had to pick it up after school so we didn’t play with it during class. And I forgot to. It was really fun though. We even gave it color by coloring a page with watercolor markers and then rolling the silly putty on it. Mine was blue and purple  🙂 The recipe is below. I got it off the internet, but it’s the same one we used in class.

I’m sick. I have a fever, a headache, and something in my eye. And last night I slept pretty early (well, for me. I slept at 10:40) but I kept waking up in the middle of the night. Five times, actually. And I had these weird dreams about Science class and me checking my Ch. 5 assessment and another about.. i don’t rememba right now :-/ Point is, I took a longgg nap when I came back from school 🙂 Get well soon, me.

Silly Putty Recipe

Go to It gives you two recipes for silly putty. Extremely fun. I recommend you making it. We did the first one in class. Or, if you happen to have the science textbook called “CPO focus on physical science”, It’s on page 112. 🙂 Also, something I’m not sure if they include, you can color the silly putty by using watercolor markers and coloring a paper and rubbing the silly putty all over the marker ink. It only works with watercolor.  The silly putty even bounces 😀

This is how it should look at the end, except maybe more


Comments on: "Homemade Silly putty??" (11)

  1. Hallo 😀 2 things to day
    1: ima mad a joo (thats how mi lil bro says it) because i subscribed to your blog and i was checking my e-mail and then as soon as i pressed the sign out button, i got another e-mail and it happened to be from u >w<
    2: I hope you feel better 😀 the same thing happened to mi sissy (wonderer4ever) We were at a festival on bumpper cars and this really mean guy bumped her really hard she like slid accross and then she jumped up in her seet almost a foot up in the air. Hope you feel betta!! I wanna try the silly puddy thingy 😀

  2. That sucks about your sister.

    Also, I updated the post. You might wanna re-read the last part 😛

    And sorry about the post thing lol XD


    And you should try the silly putty thing. It was super fun, and great to play with 😀

  3. O_o me likey that hand and the silly puddy. We were at my friends house once and my friend has a twin bro so they live in an appartment house so when i was over we went to the pool and her bro had this weird silly puddy thing and he got in the water with it and by the time we got out, the silly puddy was all over the pool and weirdy-ish

  4. LOL I like the hand and putty a lot too 🙂 Except the hand is kind of pink lol

    Wait, if your friend lives in an apartment how does she have a pool?

  5. nice! my science classes in the lab are like “Ok class, write down your hyphothesis and start your experiment then after that clean up and jot down your observations” So the home-made only works with watercolour 😦 The glow in the dark silly putty I bought one time was so cool except it got stuck in my hair xD

  6. Dude, my lab experiments are worse. It’s like “blablabla do this and this and that and then answer these 2 pages of question that have nothing to do with anything blablabla” lol XD
    Oooh. Glow-y silly putty. Wait, do you mean like glow in the dark?

  7. @Vinathi yeah glow in the dark. I bought the alien sludge one once but I didn’t like it. My favourite is probably the colour changing putty except you have to rub it around in ur hands for a REALLY long time for it to change colour

  8. color changing putty? Oooh @_@ I totally want that. Once someone gave me a color changing book cover. It was sooo cool. If you put your hand on it and then took it off, you would find a different color (usually purple, cuz the cover was originally pink) where your hand was!

  9. @Vinathi a colour-changing book cover!! that’s totally cool!! I went to this magic course once and as a gift, they gave us heat-reacting-colour-changing pencils. but it only changed to orange when it was cold and yellow when it was warm

  10. I know this was a long time ago but im now realizing that it’s time to check back!! Ya kno how some appartments have a local swimming pool. Wel that was how they had a pool. If you’ve been on wonerer’s blog, when she says happy birthday friend that says its my sisters friend, were talking about the same ppl. oBeSe WhAlEs… my friends lil bro is obbsesed with whales but wonderer doesnt like them because there too fat. They can’t help it but still…

  11. @cookiesweet
    It was cool, but it only changed color when you put your hand against it bc it reacted to heat

    @ ♫•cнɛяяʏ•♫
    Actually, whales need their chub (yes I just said chub..). Chub, is liek, important to their survival at the bottom of the deep cold pit we call the ocean

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