From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

So… I have some pretty important announcements to make. And I’ve been waiting ALLLLLLL week to make these announcements, since I’m only allowed to post on Fridays. You don’t know how tempting this is sometimes, with how unusually bored I’ve been lately. I keep drifting back to Dizzywood when I get bored, only to figure out that no one is there. And then I come here, only to figure out I have zero comments and that it’s not Friday and I’m not allowed to post. Sighz. So, let’s get on the announcements.

  1. OMGGG IM SO HAPPY IT’S FIANLLY FRIDAY! *refuses to spell check me words*
  2. I decided to make the Creations page a lil more.. interesting while it’s under construction. It’ll be up and running soon. I just need to make more comics 🙂
  3. I made new videos out of extreme bored-i-tude on my channel (
  4. I added more recent stuff to my About me page
  5. I made all my music vids with love songs in them private.
  6. I have made 0 progress with my next bob video. I feel like I’m going to make it and no one’s going to bother watching it.. Whatevs. I’m making it whether you likes it or nots.
  7. My sister and I have written a Bob theme song, which she will sing when I find a stupid microphone..
  8. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: I created that Dizzywood Movie club I promised you all :))))

  9. I made a Dizzywood quiz: Sorry if it offends anyone. Tell me what you get.
  10. We’re back to color #1

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