From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


“Sister: I’m home.
Me: Did you ever leave?”~by me

Dumbledore using his noggin

An aquarium sink– must be hard to clean!

A picture I edited.

Demi Lovato coming in through the dog door of her house ’cause she forgot her keys (I got this from her twitter xD)

Super lame math pun 😛

Another incredibly lame math pun

“I would rather have been told the sour, sour truth than sickly sweet lies.”~by me (based on book the Mockingjay when Katniss gets fed up with lies)

Okay quick announcement before I forget– I made the creations page a little more colorful. It’s still not done though. And that Halloween special has been up for a while, click here if you haven’t seen it. Please comment ON THE VIDEO 😛 Working on Bob part 4. Maybe I should post a trailer??



Comments on: "Pix" (5)

  1. cookisweet99 said:

    lol, Demi Lovato coming in through the DOG door..;P

  2. i kno right?? I love the pic 😛

  3. Oki i went on your other site and i kinda dont want to sign up to it right now sooo… This kinda has to do with it. Cuz its about a vid. I had a dream last night that we were doing this dw vid together and i was trying to kill you because you were endangering pandas so this panda dude was standing next to me and then he shot you and then me and panda dude went to some chinese resturaunt 😀 . I cant remember any more because mi lil bro came barging in the room for that cat and i woke up -_-. Its kinda violent, i know but i most likeley got it from kung fu panda cause we watched it 2 days ago 😛

  4. oh yea and i should be on dw soon enough to meet u because i was talking to my grandma on the phone and she said what do you want for christmas and i said laptop (or mini. but i prefer mini) and then she said thats what i´d get for christmas. 🙂 i should have said digital camera- darn

  5. you had a dream about me being shot by a panda?? And then you went on a date with him to a restaurant even though he was a mass murderer?? Nice to know -.-

    BTW I love Kung Fu Panda =D

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