From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Picture I Drew

Its not that good. o.O And I didn’t feel like scanning it…sorry. xP
I just drew everyone who was in Crazyfuun’s house earlier.
Left to Right:
Crazyfuun, Kka, Trail, Vinathi

Sorry there was barely enough space. D:



Comments on: "Picture I Drew" (5)

  1. We’re like little anime people!
    Well not exactly little.. but it’s cute!

  2. cute! i wanted to go on last nite, but we were out frst we went to amies house, we stayed till 6 and we got there at too. we woodve left eairler but usally a girl is there named yuki and she likes to lay with my brother and stuff for like 3 hrs and my brother got mad at me so he threw like, a bin at me and it hurt. ouch
    then when we got home, i made dinner 30 min and then the simpsons move came on so i had to watch it (ive watched it like, 3 times before) and it ended at ten and u kno… my day was long and i just didnt wanna get on! but i bet u had lots of fun!

  3. I hope you had fun yesterday. I mostly sat around staring at my homework and screaming “I HATE YOU” at it.


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