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Ch 8 at last!

It’s been 3 months til my last Bloody Mary Chapter. I am not quitting this book. I will keep posting chapters ’til the story is done. 12 more chapters, maybe?? So, I should probably recap on some things. First off, Bloody Mary is sitting in a blonde boy’s room. She has found a weird book on his desk. She took it and put it in her backpack. It is revealed that Bloody Mary forgot how to read. For whatever reason, she can’t bring herself to suck the boy’s blood.

Chapter 8- “Monster”

It was 6 in the morning. Bloody Mary had been awake all night. She couldn’t sleep because the memories kept haunting her– the memories of Ashlyn and Kevin and Adam. Over the night, to take her mind off things, she’d re-explored the room. She had spent a lot of time staring at that.. what was it called.. book. She sat there for about half the night, trying to recall how to read. She was still in the blonde boy’s room. Every once in a while she’d walk up to the blonde boy, thirsty. But she couldn’t get herself to feed on him. She sat on his bed. The only thing visible of the boy was the back of his head. The rest was covered in blankets. Out of curiosity, she tried to lift the blanket from his face so that she could see it. The boy moaned and flipped around in his sleep so that he was laying on his back, on top of the blanket, with his head sandwiched in between two pillows. She realized, uncomfortabley, he was wearing only Boxers and a t-shirt, and got off his bed and sat on the floor. He looked in pain somehow. Every once in a while he murmured, “in danger” or “monster”. Mary looked at him, concerned. Then she got mad she was concerned. I mean for god’s sake, he was a human! Why did she care??? She had came in here to grab a drink and leave. Not enough to kill anyone– just enough to keep her going. She didn’t die, exactly, if she didn’t have enough blood to drink. Writhed in pain– yes. Got taken over by some evil part of her that went on a rampage for blood– yes. Died– no. She was staring at the boy now, drooling. Come on. One little lick. She lowered her fangs to the boy’s neck, and about one inch away from his neck she stopped in surprise. He had just murmured one word. One word that took all the appetite from her.. “Mary”.

It was one thing to talk in your sleep, but it was another thing to be able to identify the person who was about to suck your blood out in your sleep. How did he know her name, anyways? She did not much time to wonder, for she could hear footsteps in the hallway. She dodged under the desk in the far side of the blonde boy’s room out of instict, in such a rush she bumped her head against the desk. Man, you could never get used to being invisible. Anyways, the footsteps were aproaching. A boy entered the room. Mary evaluated him quietly. Strong, muscley arms. Black hair. Huge grin on his face. Basketball jersey. Shorts that went up to his knees. It reminded her of someone. Something that started with an E? B? Ugh! The black-haired boy walked up to the sleeping blonde boy. He was armed with a pillow. “Wake up!” he said, hitting the blonde boy with a pillow. “Time for school!” The blonde boy just groaned. The black-haired boy wore an innocent expression on his face now. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go get that ice water from the freezer. I was saving it for later, but now will have to do.” The blonde-haired boy shot out of bed. “I’M AWAKE! I’M AWAKE!!!” Mary wasn’t paying attention at all. She was staring at the blonde boy. He had startling blue eyes. He looked like a male model, even in his simple T-shirt and Boxers. And his face. His oh so beautiful face. No way. Mary was hallucinating, for sure. Because there was no way that that face was the face of Kevin Johnson. And sitting next to him, grin wide, was Kevin’s best friend, Adam Mahoney.

Rofl I just thought this was appropriate for the chapter title.


Comments on: "Ch 8 at last!" (3)

  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    ooooh cliffhanger : D *clapclapclap* :mrgreen:
    lol that face almost made me lose my appetite while i was eating cinnamon toast crunch cereal. but i finished it anyways. xDD

  2. Thank you, thank you :3
    I love cinnamon toast crunch!!

  3. ☼♫cherryrocker0910♫☼ said:

    tank u for FINALLY putting chap. 8 up. ive been waiting a LONNNG time. exept i found out about ur site like, idk a month ago. ANYWAYS MY PATCIENCE IS SHORT! 😛

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