From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

.. I want 100 youtube subcribers. I currently have 60. I only need 40. When I do get 100 subcribers, I PROMISE you I will post Bob part 4. Please?

If your not familiar with my work, here are some of my videos:


Comments on: "I know this is a lot to ask but.." (6)

  1. Hey Vin!!! 😀 So I have a QUESTION!!! You know your 2 video? (Taylor Swift) How did you edit the pictures? Like for example you edited a pic and added other things and drew on them too… if it’s a secret then you don’t have to tell meh >.< lol Thanks!!! P.S. I LOVE your bloggy!!!

  2. Please subscribe crazyfuun! (btw channel is vinathi1)

    Okay, so for my vids, I edited the picture by getting a picture off dizzywood and adding things. I might make it smaller and put it on a page and draw hearts all over it. I might take the dizzywood character ONLY and make everything else white and then place it onto another picture. That’s how I made a lot of the scenes in “Teardrops on my guitar”

    Thanks, crazyfuun. Thats really sweet 🙂

  3. AniCookieCrazy said:

    Your welcome :3 I don’t want to sound mean or anything, but like I know WHAT you did to make it, but how? Did you use a special program to do it? SORRY THAT U WASN’T SPECIFIC!!!
    ❤ You and Cookies! LOL

  4. ya i rlly liked the teardrops on my gutar a lot it was pritty good!

  5. Hi, vin!! I love the Bloody Mary. it’s great!! 😀 can you give me the link to BannerStory?

  6. Ani: I use paint 🙂 I want to learn how to use photoshop, though. I hear it makes things a lot easier and a lot cooler looking!

    Cherry: wow you’re nice!!

    Lex: Okie dokie artichokie! Here ya go! Use it wisely 😀

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