From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

School starts (weee)

I’m in Hell. The only thing that gets me through the week is that library opens on Thursday and I will be the first one to grab PJATO the last olympian. If anyone tries to stop me, I will smack them with the book. MWHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So where were we? Oh yes, hell. I’m looking forward to Book club too. Free food. And the people are pretty nice, which means free friends! The first few weeks are pretty crazy with the whole school crammed in one room but then everyone gets bored, leaving only the true book lovers (AKA geeks jk <3)

Don’t ask me why the new year looks like Hell. It has to do with all your friends moving away and not having a single class with anyone you know and getting all the teachers you would give anything NOT to get..

Picture below edited by me..

“First day of school… Yay! School!
Second day of school.. dude, when’s labor day?”


Comments on: "School starts (weee)" (17)

  1. Soso i am very sad for u but u have to go to school. 😦

    I am very sad too cuz vacation will end soon and school will start. :(:(

  2. your editing is cool ya soso 🙂

  3. Thanx riri!

    Sadly, you’re right about the school thing. Guess you just have to pray that 8th grade ends quick so summer can start.

  4. yeah, i am going to do this just to see u and your family the next year 🙂
    kisses and hugs to u and leena

  5. And i am going to pray that the next year comes quickly too ❤

  6. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Lol, free food. FREE FOOD FTW ;D

  7. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol game.. xD i’m going to eat free pancakes on friday for breakfast. xP

    Awesome pic you edited, vindaloo. : D School starting means you’re coming back soon! YAYA. xD
    I’m still on my Twitter lol. hahaha i want to smack someone in the face with a book (who deserves it). 😛

  8. No seriously, the book club mother volunteers make some seriously scrumptious cookies 🙂

    I actually already came back. I wrote this post the same day I arrived, I think.
    Tank you kka.
    Book smacking sounds like a fun sport. exercising the wrist or whatev. I’m not sure my principal would agree tho. Especially if I smacked the old lady librarian O-o

  9. Ққa2297♪ said:

    You lucky vinathi, you. 😛 I made cookies once. The first batch was okay and delicious. The second batch came out as square cookies, but I still thought they were delicious. :mrgreen:

    Hehe. 😛 Sometimes when I get angry, I feel like throwing something at a mirror and breaking it. O.O But I’m glad I don’t actually do that… xD I just draw myself breaking a mirror instead. lol jk. 😛

  10. I used to make cookies all the time, but it was using pre-made cookie dough, which I guess is cheating XD

    When I get angry I punch my bed. It hurts my fist

  11. Ққa2297♪ said:

    How do you make cookie dough? I forgot. 😛 I don’t feel like thinking of it in head…the making of cookie dough…i’d like to eat cookie dough right now…but its unhealthy. D:

    Why didn’t I think of that? I was reading a book 2 days ago on my bed, and then one of those small annoying flies landed on my cheek and started crawling on me. >.< At first I thought it was a spider, because it was fast. And blurry because it was close to my eye.

  12. You can get really yummy/cheap cookie dough from Costco. I only like cookie cough cuz it has chocolate chips :))

    I hate those flies. Sometimes you feel like they just crawled into your nose D:

  13. I wuv cookie dough 😀 my mom makes cookie dough and freezes it, and they I end up eating like half of it and a snack 😀

  14. One of those flies flew into my eye once. Gah! Ew.

    My school is ooookkkkaaayyyy, for school I guess. Except for the fact that my locker is all the way across the school.

  15. cookie dough has salmonella. Don’t eat too much, or you’ll die 😦 Heating up really really high kills the salmonella. Then you can go back to freezing it and eating it, I guess.

    We don’t have lockers. Instead, they have books we can use at school and books we can use at home. It sucks, but it’s worth not having to carry your books to school XD

  16. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I guess a lot of bugs like my face. One went into my too, and another in my mouth when I was biking, and another when I was running. T.T

    Hehehe, I froze a water balloon. HeliX froze one too, except it was also in a cup of water. When its frozen, you can just take out the balloon by ripping it open, then its a sphere of ice. ^^

    I don’t have lockers either, except for PE. xD

  17. They feel really weird..

    Once I used a glove as a water balloon. Me and my friends attacked it with pencils to see who could pop it first. Ah, memories XD

    We have lockers in PE too..

    OMG kka you keep showing up in my dreams. Like last night, you showed up in my dreams (I think I was at school or something) and you were like, “GO ON DIZZYWOOD” and I was just like “okay”!

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