From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Happy Birthday, Vinathi

Just kidding! Heres the real one 🙂

~From Vinathi’s little sis! 


Comments on: "Happy Birthday, Vinathi" (4)

  1. Happy Birthday!! :]

  2. Thanks little sissy XD
    You too, Bliss!

  3. Oh noooo! D: Im so so so so so sorry I missed your birthday!!!!!
    Guilty-ness.. >.<
    So sorry… You should take all my cookies.. 😛
    I hope you had a great birthday though, & thanks for being an awesome Vindaloo Buddy. :]
    I hasn't forgotten about this blog or my blog or the DW blog or eveyone elses… I'm waitin for DW to update… :/ I will post soon, going to school. 😦

  4. Its okay. I can’t hold grudges, anyways. But feel free to give me your cookies x]
    Thank You for being an awesome Kka person!
    I don’t want school to start. Last year was hard enuf, but this is eigth grade..

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