From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Post #9 (By Kka2297)

I can’t think right now. :]
School tomorrow!

I ate an oreo todayyyyyy. : D Did you eat a cookie today?


Have on oreooooo. : D For some reason, that looks actual size. Or it might be a bit bigger.
Have a good day, or night, or morning. :mrgreen:



Comments on: "Post #9 (By Kka2297)" (12)

  1. 😦 School is starting tomorrow too! I can’t believe the summer went by so fast. I didn’t even get to host a cookie party! And the day after tomorrow is Friday the 13th.. o.o

  2. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Yeah, time flies when you’re having fun. Or something like that. o.O
    Maybe you can do one on National Cookie Day. xP I don’t when that is though. Or maybe you can invent National Cookie Day. :mrgreen:
    Oh wow… I realized that I really liked that day…. :] Not Friday the 13th but the stuff that happened which was good lol. xDD It did kinda stink though, because I had to read something out loud to my class, but I couldn’t because I was so nervous. And it wasn’t even for a grade. Just one of those About Me things people do on the first days of school. >.<

  3. I get nervous too. During my speech this year, I kept asking the teacher to turn the AC on cuz I was sweating so much. She told me like a bazillion times it was on.

    National cookie day should be on the last day Friday of every January.

  4. I had to read out loud a few days ago in my Language Arts class, and I knew I didn’t really have a choice to stop like I did in choir, so I just told myself “you’re not scared”. xP Trying to breathe deeply only made me nervous even more. 😛
    Speehes are scary. D:
    I like peaches though. :3

    Okay Dokay! I will add that to my calendar (that I made just now)! : D

    Oh and Percy’s birthday was yesterday, August 18th. : )

  5. GameproGirl said:

    School starts Sep. 7th for me, yay 😀 I don’t wanna go to school yet, 9th grade… I’m not gonna be happy >_:D

  6. I celebrated my birthday with all my cousins today 🙂 It’s actually on the 22nd but celebrated it today. Best day of my lifE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

    So happy =]

  7. Aw! Happy early birthday Vin! 🙂

    School starts on Tuesday for me. Right now I’m just ready to get the first day over with. Huh, kinda like I want school to start. 😛 I think it’s just because my big trip to California is over the summer should be.

    Well, hope you all have a great ready of the summer!

  8. GameproGirl said:

    I thought your bday was on August 20th? D:
    Anyways, happy early birthday :]

    Psh, skipping 6th and 7th grade is harsh, now I’m going into high school. Trust me, I doubt you’ll be excited for high school D:

  9. Sorry game 😦 Good luck in hi school.
    Actually today, it would be “Happy birthday” 🙂

  10. GameproGirl said:

    Thank you and happy birthday, vin 😀

  11. thanks & your welcome, game 🙂

    Always remember that you will always be half kid inside, even if you are in high school. Until you get old, then you’re just half dead.. haha jk!

  12. lol! one time…or liek a million times…just last year i think…there was a line for my graduation day and the girls were at the back and the boys were at the front,my teacher put me in the front and i complained “Ummm…Ms. Teacher..why am i in the front? i know i act like a tomboy but im still a girl you know?”
    she said “yeah,i know…”
    “then why am i at the front?”
    “your the first honour silly!”
    “OMG!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY? AGAIN????”
    i have had like three gold medals and thats since i started from pre-school in that school,lol!
    there was also a speech. i was in it. i wasnt nervous. not even a speck of nervous crawled my spine when i said the speech aloud.

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