From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

I am down in the dumps.

Well. You know that new poptropica island? The pirate one? I was saving up for a 9000 dubloon ship and I had spent the last 5 hours saving up. I was at 8000 and then I crashed. It turned out I forgot to save the game and when I logged on, I had 0 dubloons. I am pretty ticked off at poptropica right now.

And as a gift for you having to listen to my litttle drama story, I am going to type up a song I wrote. I like things that rhyme, so it rhymes. I sing it when I get depressed

Down in the Dump

Are you down in the dump?
Are you curled up into a lump?
Are you asking yourself why?
Do you feel like you might die?
And you can’t stop the wails
Wish life were a fairytale
And you’re too upset to care
About that nightmare you call your hair
And you’re throat is getting sore
Every cry hurts more
You feel so alone
Your friends choose now to abandon their phone
And I know how you feel
If you wish your situation weren’t real
Is your back a slump?
Then your down in the dump..


Comments on: "I am down in the dumps." (2)

  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    You’re a really good songwriter. :] I’m kinda down in the dump too. I don’t like how I want something so bad, but then it comes true and I suddenly realize that it causes a problem and so I don’t want it anymore. But its too late. xD

    Those are pretty flowers and butterflies… x3
    Just wondering, when are you coming back?

  2. Thanx kka (:

    I only write songs because rhymey things are cool.

    I arrive on the 29th– the day before school starts. If the plane is late, then I miss the first day of school

    I beat skullduggery island, so I am very un-downinthedumps. Quite the opposite, actually.

    Wish you luck on your wish gone wrong!

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