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Post #8 (By Kka2297)

Meh. I’m super hungry right now..for breakfast. I’m just replying to the comments and posting this first though. xD
School starts in one week for me. I’m not that excited. Because my schedule is probably gonna stink.


O.O LOOK! Its a small tiny school.
I went to my grandparents house again yesterday and we all watched PJATO: The Lightning Thief again. Then we played card games and talked and did tarot cards until 11. >.< I have nothing to type about, as usual.
I went to LegoLand a few days ago, but I think I grew out of it. ._. There’s barely any big roller coasters. D: My favorite ride was the Knights Tournament. The robot hand that spins you around by the “destiny” you choose.


It looks like that. 😛
Then I ate some Dippin’ Dots and churros. Deliciousness. Couldn’t find cookies anywhere. D:

~kka2297 *pastes imaginary heart*


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  1. Omigoshers! I was at legoland on…. Um… Last monday! Mmm yummy churros.

  2. Hey did you go on project X? My brother went on it but I didn’t feel like it so I got ice cream ~_~ yummy ice cream! I want more! 😦

  3. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I was there last Saturday. xD We were supposed to go to the waterpark the next day on Sunday because we had the two ticket discount thingies, but we couldn’t because one of my cousin’s back is peeling really bad. o.o

    My mom & I went to get 3 more churros but then we had to wait 20 minutes because they were still making more. xP
    Yeah. : D Its my second favorite ride. 😛 I bought the picture. The line was long, and there was a “short” long delay. xD
    mmm ice cream sounds good..i need breakfast again. xP

  4. We were gonna go to the water park but it was too cold so we didn’t feel like it.

    Mmmm the churros are shooo good!!

    My brother said the line was really long too. He went with my dad, who is almost bald, and my mom and I kept on thinking we saw them but it was a different bald guy. Then we watched all of the people go one the rollercoster. We played a game called Screamer/not screamer and we had to guess if the people would scream or not 😀

    The ice cream was from sir scoops alot xD

  5. Mmm.. all this talk about ice cream is making me want chocolate icecream. Strawberry, maybe. Mmmm just thinking about it makes me drool.

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