From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Okay, so I’m doing really horrible on that posting on Tuesday thing. o.O Oh well.
I ish here to show you the cake, like I said. :]

I don’t really know what else to type. The long random posts come from vinathi. xD
I haven’t started on the picture yet. D: The hardest part of a project (to me) is starting it. I still need to work on my other one for school.

I went camping. I hate gnats. I was at the awesomest park ever then there was this HUGE swarm of gnats. Then all the kids starting running around screaming. xD I left the playground. Everyone else camping with me said that they’re just annoying, especially my neighbor, until one went into her ear the next night and woke everyone up at 1:30 AM. It gives me nightmares. -.- 😛


EDIT: Oh nooo. My laptop has one of the ugly lines on the side. Noooooo. D:


Comments on: "Post # I forgot (By Kka2297)" (1)

  1. Nice cake =) How did you block out your name? What site/program did you use?

    You have school projects? Its summer!

    I have never seen a gnat before (I have seen ants, mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, lizards, stick bugs, and mice). I don’t think I WANT to see a gnat…

    Thanks for keeping your promise and posting, this blog would be dead

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