From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

To pie or not to pie?

Well I finally got myself a turn on the computer. I’m going to be on a lot  more often now (hopefully) then again thats what I said last time.

I need to temporarily shut down the ICA and yearbook pages because I kind of left my yearbook at home so I can’t write down the signature stuff and I can’t write back without writing it in my yearbook firstt and as for the ICA page I can’t deal with all the requests with so little computer time. I promise I’ll get to them eventually, but for now stop requesting please 🙂

Right! I need to you what I’m working on and am going to post soon. I Almost left without telling you!

  •  I am working on  a song I made  one afternoon. It’s done but I left it in the house that is locked right now. It’s a tad bit better than my num thum song xDDD
  • I’m working on the guy’s point of view of cinderella
  • I’m working on Bloody Mary the next chapter. This chapter might be a tad bit boring but I need to get it over with so I can get to the better part of the story that I am realllyyy excited for you to read
  • I’m also done with something else but it’s a secreettt I can’t tell you what it is!
  • Blue pie!

    Smiley+cookie = best combination ever


    I think this picture would be way better if it said "Nobody is perfect" and then "Who you calling nobody?"

    And now I shall post some classic food carvings because you people liked the watermelons so much 🙂

    Balddy and watermelon UNITE

    I can't tell if this is a puppy or a crab

    "What are we having for dinner tonight?" "Penguins"

    I never knew flowers were edible

    Little man makes orange juice!

    It must be nice being a watermelon. Just eat your watermelon carving self when you get hungry

    Butterfly basket!

    Are you unda da sea? I'm unda da stars (been stuck in my head since I read fang.. )

    Next time you eat an apple,, beware, it might just try and take revenge

    I couldn’t find any mango carvings.. sorry. I love mangos so I looked for som and couldn’t find any! Anyways, if you want to see some really AMAZING food carvings, visit: or

    BI BI (long post isn’t it? Makes up for me not posting for the last 20 days.)


    Comments on: "To pie or not to pie?" (7)

    1. my little sister tied me to the computer while she was waiting for her turn..

    2. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

      Welcome back, Vindaloo! I missed you! 😀

      LOL! Funny little sister xD

    3. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

      Btw, pretty backround! 😮

    4. Oohh Hi vin!!

    5. O.o with what?

    6. Ққa2297♪ said:

      Pretty colors. x]
      How do people do those watermelon things…its just..magic. :O
      I think the watermelon is a puppy. xP Can’t see the crab. D:
      Can’t wait to read your story (& song)! 🙂

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