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Post #4 (By Kka2297)

I know this is really short. I’m really tired & I’m going to update this tomorrow. Just wanted to post every Tuesday. 😛



Okie, now its Friday. Sorry. xD Anyway, I was looking at Vinathi’s Dashboard, about to go to the Posts, & all of her top searches were: watermelon carving, watermelon, watermelon carvings, carving watermelon, watermelon carving pictures. 😆 She’s gotten 512 hits from that post in the past week.

I am trying to make a video with Sony Vegas. It is very hard. And I’m probably not going to finish it, because I never do. 😛 Unless its a gift.
I think my dog is dreaming. She kinda moved around in her bed & whined…

I honestly have nothing to say. o.o


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  1. Hii!! 😛 DVD PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol That was VERY random!

  2. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Whenever someone else is on vin’s blog including me, those people go to her watermelon post >.>

    My iTouch is driving me nuts. It keeps closing apps and randomly turning on and off. I hate firmware 4.0 :/ I haven’t updated my iPhone, so I don’t really know if it’s gonna go crazy and I don’t want to try >._<

    Whenever I think my dog dreams, he growls o_o

  3. Thanks for that little watermelon carving note. Maybe I should post more of those 😛

    WE conivnced my little sister she talked in her sleep as a joke and then she figured out we were lying and a few days later she really did talk in her sleep..

    I tried to learn how to use Sony Vegas before we left for vacation. I took youtube tutorials. FX stands for effects by the way and if you want to split something click s. I kno the basics and thats it.

  4. Ққa2297♪ said:

    People must really like watermelons. 😛

    I hate it when the apps keep closing. -.- It just does that to my iPod randomly. o.O I want to try jailbreaking my iPod, but I don’t want it to break. xD

    lol i remember one time in my backyard my dog tried jumping onto the couch thingy but she went through it because there were openings in between each seat. o.O

    That’s why I try not to lie. xP It might become true & they won’t believe me lol. My brother (dino) talks in his sleep sometimes. D: Its creepy. I have to share a room with heliX and dino. One time heliX told me that dino got up and started looking around the room saying “Where’s the kite?” Then she told him “Its in the car, now go to sleep.” So he did. heliX & dino argue a lot. xD Another time I couldn’t sleep and he sat up and I started laughing really hard while he stared at me. heliX told him to go sleep and he did. xP

    lolz I watched tutorials too. xDD Just the basics. Same here. 😛

    Well, this was long.

  5. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    You should jailbreak your iPod! If it’s an iTouch o.o Jailbreaking is totally worth it, even thought it’s illegal, but it’s technically your iPod o.o You can download any apps for free and if you download this thing from Cydia, you can get any movies for free o.o

    I can imagine your dog doing that, kka xD Once, my sister was chasing our dog in the backyard (we have a pool), our dog jumped into the pool and my sis went into the pool too 😮

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