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Post #3 (By Kka2297)

Hello. 😀 I have a few things to post about.

Today is exactly (by days and months) one year that anyone has used Zap on another Dizzian. xD Happy Deathday, Zap! June 29.

And the glitch for my house is gone. :mrgreen: The one where I put some item in my house, leave, and when I come back its a different shape, size, color, and its on the wrong spot. o.O So I’m redecorating my house. Except for that rock I put on the ground when I was with Vinathi and said that I would leave that rock for a year. I don’t know what day i put it there though. ._.

Everyone can see the scoreboard now in the Color War. Just saying. xP

I do NOT like carrots! But they’re the food I need to improve my eyesight. I hope I don’t turn orange.

And here are the red kiwis Vinathi asked for me to post. 😀


Kiwi’s of all colors!!! 😀 Some colors.



PS: Percy Jackson and the Olympians the DVD is out! I wanna buy it for my iPod, even though its not good. Its still Percy Jackson. :mrgreen:


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  1. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Lol, did you get that picture of the red kiwi on the internet? xD

    The Color War was boring last year. Are the events the same as last year? o.o

    I don’t like carrots either. I’m already wearing contacts, so carrots aren’t that useful for me anymore xD Once I ate too much oranges at school during lunch, my friends were like, “OMG! YOUR FACE IS ORANGE!” I was like, so what and ate more oranges xDD

    The Lightning Thief movie was kind of stupid as well. The age of the characters staring in the movie would be more suitable in the last book. They were like, 15 in real life and in the book, they’re suppose to be 12 >.<

  2. Ooohh kiwis!!! Yum!

  3. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Yeah. I didn’t know that I had to take a picture. xDD I don’t have kiwis in my house. 😛

    KInd of. No Onaski Treasure Room though.

    lolz, oranges are yummy. ^^ I was going to watch fireworks yesterday, & i wanted to bring carrots with me but they were expired. I don’t like eating expired food even though it doesn’t have mold in it yet. I always feel like I’m gonna get sick. o.o I drank a whole cup of expired milk once. T-T heliX was drinking some too. Then when we were done, she thought told me it tasted weird so we checked the milk and it was expired. o.e

    Ikr! They were driving cars. O.O The movie kinda feels like its the same setting, but a different plot and different characters.

  4. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ohh xD

    Same here, I don’t like expired food o.o When I eat expired food on accident, I puke. o.o Don’t your parents or anyone in your house throw away the expired food or just leave it there? My second oldest sissy throws them away or takes it and throws it at people she hates. I know, she’s a weird sissy -.-”

    Yeah. o.o Didn’t they go into the casino, too? I thought 12 year olds can’t go into casinos o_o

  5. OOmg kka “happy deathday” kka I am cracking up

    You remembered the rock? I didn’t even remember the rock! I’ll look for it if I ever get a chance to go to your house 🙂

    And the red kiwis too.. my god you have a good memory kka

    I used to eat a lot of carrots because I have sucky eyes. I got glasses when I was about 6. I only agreed to wear them because my mom said the more I wore them the better eyes I’d get. It’s obvious I’m going to go blind someday cuz it’s just been getting worse. I didn’t even like carrots but I’d do anything to get my glasses off

    You do know they were just ACTING right? Just making sure =p and they got let into the casino cuz its run by monsters and the monsters want to get them mwahahaha

  6. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I haven’t puked in a while…I usually do when I wake up. O.o Because most of the time my head feels like its spinning. My parents would throw it away. They barely look at the date though. xD They look at it when something seems wrong with it. Wow, does she get in trouble for doing that? xP


    Its the Tour Stand’s birthday today. 😛 I just remembered.

    The rock is on the same spot. xD I think its birthday is somewhere in October or November.

    lol I’m better at memorising things my heart wants to. That sounds so weird, but its true. xD

    I don’t want you to go blind. How would we communicate with each other. :O I’ve been trying to read more books because I haven’t been reading a lot, and in two of three books I read, someone damaged their spine & couldn’t move. That has just made it onto my list of fears. D: People are so fragile.

    One of the books was called this world we live in . Its about survival. And when I was in the middle of it, heliX told me that it was the last book of a “series”, even though it said novel. xD Its Life as we Knew It, then the Dead and the Gone, then This World We Live In. Its so sad. T-T

    lol yeah. I feel like reading the series again. I just looove it. xP

  7. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Haha I love making long comments. :mrgreen:

  8. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I haven’t puked in a while, too 😮 I only puke when I’m sick, especially winter, that’s the season where I get the flu every year 😮 My mom always looks at the date of the food, no matter what o_o I don’t really know if my sis gets in trouble, xD

    Right now I’m reading a book by Stephen King. Well, not yet o.o I heard his books are super scary >.> I kinda don’t want to read it at the same time…

    I haven’t made long comments in a long time 😮

  9. I dont think any of us have made any lengthy comments in a while. Or talked to each other in a while, for that matter

    My teacher reccomended Cloud Atlas. Read it and tell me what you think

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