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Bloody Mary Ch.7

This is my favorite chapter. It’s when the puzzle pieces start to fit together. Also, check out the new page. It’s called Yearbook.

Chapter 7: A trip down memory lane

Mary was in the house. Her mood ring was shining redder than ever. Red seemed to be the only color it shined these days. She approached her sleeping victim and lowered her mouth to the victim’s neck. That was where the tastiest blood was. She was just about to snap her victim’s neck when something stopped her. It was as if someone flicked a light switch in her brain. She blinked. Huh? What happened? This was so weird. It was as if she had two sides in her soul: a kind side and an evil side. The evil side randomly took control over her, making her do things she didn’t mean to do. The sane part of her was finally back. It was about time too. It was HER fault that her evil side murdered all those people. At this rate, humans would go endangered. Mary yawned. What time was it? It was so dark. Exhausted, Mary feel asleep right there on the floor. That night, she had nightmares that her evil side would take over, and that her good side wouldn’t come to save the day.

Mary woke up with a start. That was creepy. She suddenly remembered that she was laying in the middle of the ground where someone could easily trip over her without actually being able to see her. That would be bad. They’d know someone were there. She scooted over to the window. She could examine her surroundings now that it was daytime. On the other side of the room was a desk. There was a closet right next to it. Next to that was a desk with stacks of.. what were those? She walked over to the desk. She couldn’t describe it. It looked like a bunch of papers binded together. On top of the papers was a leather cover-type thing with stuff on it. The back looked the same, but it was plain. There was also a leather bounding. What was it? She racked her brain. It looked familiar. From one of her earliest memories, she recalled the word ‘book’. She stared at this book thing. There were.. what was the word.. words written on the front. She couldn’t read them. Since she was a girl, she couldn’t read or write. You see, she went to a school full of rich kids when she was young. The only reason she attended it was because the school wanted to adopt some charity work to show that rich kids care. The whole school had seemed really proud of themselves, but they hadn’t done a very good job teaching her anything. It was kind-of embarassing. She was a 14-year-old who couldn’t read or write. Mary took the book and slipped it in her bag. She’d have to examine it more later. Mary took another look around the room. There was a door leading somewhere downstairs.. Mary knew it led to downstairs because to get here she’d had to climb three stories of wall and heave herself through the window. There was a bed with a dirty blonde head sticking out. The head yawned and turned over in bed. Now she could see it was a guy. She could also see his face. Oh no.. that face.. so strangely familiar. Could it be who she thought it was?
It all started in first grade, the year before Mary died. So much happened that year. For one thing, there was Kelly. Kelly and Mary had been best friends since her first day in Pre-K, when Kelly had rescued her from the most popular and mean girls in school, The Fire Crew. There were 3 of them. Always three. One of them had bright orange hair- the color of flames. One of them had yellow hair. Pure yellow, not blonde. And the the leader, no one knew what color her hair was. She had the strangest hair. From different angles, you could see the color chaning. If you were to run around her really fast, you’d see her hair change all the colors of a fire. It was as if her head was in flames. They all wore matching outfits and ran around giving guys “cooties”. On the first day of school, when the Fire Crew was beating Mary up, Kelly had come to the rescue. The girl had mad fighting skills. She let Mary sit with them at her table. There Mary met Kelly’s friends, Adam and Kevin. Mary never really got a chance to become friends with either Adam or Kevin (especially Kevin), because every time Mary tryed talk to one of them, one of the Fire Crew girls would run up to them and try to give them cooties. She got really close to Kelly, though. She practically lived in Kelly’s house. When she wasn’t spending the night there, she slept under an old tree near the school campgrounds.
Meanwhile, the Fire Crew leader was cooking up an evil plan for revenge. No one in history had ever got away when she was beating them up. The Fire Crew leader wasn’t stupid, though. She seemed to get that Kelly was Mary’s only real source of happiness. That happiness would not last very long. One day, it just happened. Kelly wouldn’t talk to Mary. She refused to sit even near Mary in class. At lunch, Kelly spoke only two words to Mary, “Get lost” and with that, the Fire Crew just came and took Kelly and left, leaving Mary very, very confused. The next day, everyone knew. There was a new member in the Fire Crew. Instead of the traditional three, there were four. The new member’s name was Ashlyn. Her hair was the color of ashes. Everyone stepped aside in the hallway when she walked by. All the guys went ga-ga for her, forgetting all the stuff about cooties. No one saw her because she was always surrounded by a flock of guys. And Kelly was nowhere to be found.
Almost immediately after Kelly left, the Fire Crew went after her. Everyday they’d come and pin her against a wall and she’d go to class with a black eye. Whenever the black eye started to have hope of healing, the Fire Crew came back. It was winter and Mary slept under that old tree with nothing but an old holey jacket for protection against the nighttime sky and snow. Only one thing restored Mary’s will to survive: Kevin. He was so nice to her. He’d tryed to go up against all the guys crowding around Ashlyn to get a peek at Ashlyn (which made Mary just a bit jealous). He was pretty much sure that Ashlyn was just Kelly in Fire Girl form. According to him, the Fire Crew had only taken her in to make Mary miserable. And so it worked. During the daily beatings, it hurt that Kelly just sat there and watched Mary get a black eye or a mega-sized cut. But that didn’t last too long. After about a month, Kevin found out what the Fire Crew had been doing to Mary. He vowed he’d never let it happen again. He kept his word. The Fire Crew didn’t dare beat Mary up when Kevin was around. Kevin let Mary have his jacket for protection at night. Kevin stood by Mary’s side and made sure she had a friend. Adam hung out with them all the time. He was pretty shaken up about Ashlyn. They’d known each other since they were in diapers. Whenever Mary even mentioned Ashlyn to Kevin, though, he’d mutter “I knew she was a traitor from the beginning.”
In second grade, when Mary was 7, Ashlyn really broke Mary’s heart. She was sleeping under her tree with a brand-new jacket that Adam and Kevin had put their money together to buy for her birthday the other day. She woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about her mother. And then she saw it, a big, blazing fire all around her, coming closer. Closer. Closing in on Mary. Next to Mary was a little note written in Kelly’s handwriting, the only thing that hadn’t changed about her. It said:

Hi Mary.
This is my ultimate test. If you’re still alive to read this, I’ve failed. The Fire Crew wanted me to set fire on the place you called ‘home’. They wanted me to prove myself. Prepare to meet your doom.

The fire was now even closer. In fact, in one more move it would touch her. Mary climbed up the tree while the flames hungrily licked away at the tree’s roots. And then Mary slipped. She closed her eyes. Sometimes, she told herself, you have to give up the fight. And she went spiraling down.. down.. down.. right into.. someone’s arms? Mary opened her eyes. There was Kevin. He had on firefighter gear and everything. “Hey” he said simply. Kevin carried her out of the fire as if she weighed no more than 10 pounds (which she probably did) and into the cool night air. Mary was astonished. “Wher-e-e-e did-d you-u-u get that-t-t-t?” Mary managed to say. “Always wanted to be a firefighter.” he said simply.
And that was the last anybody ever saw of him. The beatings came back, harder. The Fire Crew was crankier than ever. Adam had disappeared with Kevin. The whole school hated Mary. Not even a week later, Mary went so insane she believed she could dominate the world when she grew up. She could be the queen. Kevin would be the king. Ashlyn would be sentenced to death somewhere in a horrible, horrible, prison. A month later, Mary died with no Kevin to save her. And even after Kevin had ditched her, Mary was sure of one thing and one thing only: She loved Kevin.

DUN DUN DUN =P That took me like two hours to write.. you better read alll of it! I’m so glad to finally write this chapter.


Comments on: "Bloody Mary Ch.7" (4)

  1. It’s ahmazing!

  2. Thankies! It took foreva to write -.-

  3. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Poor Mary D: maybe Adam and Kevin died and became like her too or something 😛 great story! ^^

  4. You’ll see where Adam and Kevin went in the next chapter.

    I came up with this story during gym a month or two ago.. I didn’t know what to name the Fire Crew. And then I saw this girl standing out in the sun and her hair seemed to be flashing different colors in the sun. It was weird 0_0

    I should change the series name from Bloody Mary to Rosemary 🙂

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