From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


:O ohmygoshers its my first post!!!

I’ve been on Vinathi’s blog for a while but I couldn’t figure out what to post.

2 things


I made this for Vinathi because she is a great friend


Has anyone seen this site?

its called wordle

you make “beautiful word clouds”

its pretty cool

That’s it



Comments on: "Hiya" (11)

  1. thanks for the picture Anny 🙂 So pretty 😀
    Also, wordle doesn’t work for me. I typed in ‘I like Cookies’ like 300 times and it just showed me a blank picture 😦

  2. Check out this vid i made about the best Fax (fang and max) moments in the Maximum Ride series, Anny!

  3. Welcome (:
    aww that’s too bad. If you ever do get it to work
    1. Writing something a bunch will make it really big
    2. Sometimes when it’s making it, it will show you blank so just wait a minute
    sorry I should have included these in da postie. Ooooooo you should try pasting the baby lyrics in. Imagine how big baby would be P:

  4. Omg
    I love it!

  5. Kka2297 said:

    That’s a purty pictureee. I love the colors *o*
    wordle works for me, I think. I hav this memory of going to wordle and putting something about cookies 😛 but that was a long time ago. o.O

    cool vid vin, xP. Everytime I hear someone say “i choose you”, I think of pokemon. -.- I love the part when max was getting her chip taken out. xD

  6. Aww thanks.
    We had to do wordles at school once so that’s how I know about it. I like making random wordles and stufff 8)


  7. I did write a bunch of stuff XD I wrote I love cookies like 3000 times. wordle still doesn’t work for me 😦

    Hey Anna? Wanna hear a joke? Here’s a good one: JUSTIN BIEBER

    I’m glad you 2 likes the video! It was fun to make. I used a program called BannedStory (which is a Maplestory simulator). Pokemon.. gotta catch ’em all!

    Ahhh schoolz almost out! WEEEEE! DONE WITH EXAMS! no homework. This is the life 🙂

  8. Awwww

    lol that’s a good one! I hate Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!

    It’s really cool! Your a great one! …. Idk why but we say that at my school

    my school ended maybe two weeks ago. Yayyyyy!
    On Monday cross country starts. I can’t decide if I’m excited about it or not.

  9. Ikr?

    I know you hate Justin Bieber.. you told me on twitter. We should make an I-hate-Justin-Beaver club =)

    i’m not sure if I’m excited or not for the summer. There are pros and cons of going to Egypt: for ex. there will only be ONE laptop for SIX PEOPLE to use

    Are you a cross country player? Why do they call it cross country.

  10. I know but I thought I’d tell you again. And again I hate justin bieber.
    The other day I realized that Justin Bieber and John Wilkes Booth and If you read skeleton creek (really good book) there’s Old Joe Bush (or something like that) are all evil and all have the same initials, JB!

    I’ve got a pretty good summer, I guess. First I go to Kansas. Then Chicago. Then San Diego. Yay! My friend Riya went to Egypt once. She says it’s really cool.

    I guess you could say that. Well it’s running, long distance. (pretty much the only “sport”-you could say-I’m good at, I can’t catch a ball very well :P) So I think it has somthing to do with that. But people also say they do cross country softball or soccer so I don’t know.

    Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup!!!! For the first time since 1961 o.o

  11. haha. the Jonas Brothers also have those initials but I’m not 100% sure they’re evil.. James Bond(the good guy in some action movie) has those initials too..

    I’ve been to Egypt many times before, so I already know that it’s a kewl place 🙂 HAVES (have a valuable, excellent summer)

    I’m a slow runner -.- Runs in the family.. if anyone asks though I just tell them I broke my leg when I was 4 XD

    Wow.. 1961! That’s a lot of years…

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