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Bloody Mary Ch.6

Chapter 6:

Days went by. People dropped dead all over the USA. It was the top headline in the news. And Mary could not control herself. The satin part of her soul was gone. Her conscience slowly but surely was dripping away. Yet, she wasn’t completely mad for blood yet. She wasn’t completely 100% evil. Because deep down insane her, she was still sane. She still had a soul. Mary had been camping out in a sleeping bag she had stolen from Ashlyn’s house for the last few nights. She had to sleep in the forest because just because she was invisible, doesn’t mean someone couldn’t trip over Mary while she was asleep. Her backpack contained a jar to store blood in for long trips, a sleeping bag, a large stack of newspapers she stole every Sunday so she could make sure that no one figured out she was the mystery mass murder, and some ratty old clothes. Come to think of it, she really needed to replenish her pile of clothes, because the clothes she was wearing was dirty and had holes in it. She had discovered something very interesting about herself over the last few days: she could run faster than a cheetah armed with wings. It was quite amazing actually, how fast she could flee if she tried. Right now, she was running like that. She could feel the wind whipping her hair in all directions, her legs going so fast she was afraid she’d fall flat on her face. But she was running out of fuel. And the fact is that Mary had one fuel and one fuel only: human blood. Her ring was shining so bright red at the moment that it was illuminating her way out of the forest. She could see the edges of the forest right now. And very, very cautiously, Mary approached her next victims house.

TO BE CONTINUED! (We’re approaching the end of the story, don’t worry! I’ve planned out the rest of the story.)

A cheetah armed with wings hehe

A sample of a local news article that Mary keeps in her bag

Right. So I have some questions:

What are your thoughts towards Mary right now? Do you hate her guts, do you find her just plain creepy for sucking blood out of bodies, do you feel sorry for her, do you not know what to feel or do you think Bloody Mary is a bit weird because she goes from evil to sweet really quickly? Personally, I find her all-of-the-above XD

Is this story getting too boring for you? I promise you the action is kicking in real soon. I’m boring myself, truthfully. I wanna get down to the meaty stuff and present it to you guys. Like, ughhhh.

Is this story too much like Twilight? The next chapter is A LOT like Twilight it freaks me out how close they are. I’m going to stop giving you sneak peaks of the next chapters now *duck tapes mouth closed*  O_O

Okay. My final question is: Should I make the chapters longer? This chapter had to be divided into two parts because it was longer than I expected. Is this length good or would you like it shorter/longer? BTW, more story = more pictures 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Comments on: "Bloody Mary Ch.6" (7)

  1. My bloody cool next chapter is finally here 🙂
    Get it? Like Bloody Mary..? Ehh, nevermind.

    Oh guess what? I’m like, reading a book on Bloody Mary. She’s some kind of legend in England. Turns out she doesn’t actually drink blood XD When I grabbed the book off the library shelves, this 6th grader wuz staring at me like I was crazy. She was like, “Why do you want that book so bad?” I was like, “Ummmm. Project?”

  2. coolshun said:

    Dam… i forgot about so many things xD
    lol ill name them… (5 minutes later) o_o oh yeah mi list
    1. this blog was alive sry vinathi!!
    2. my hatred of game (i dunno if she hates me)
    3. Um. Um. erm. come bak later and ill try to remember!!
    (never read this comment again no jk)

  3. Haha no offense taken. I mean, you just forgot that I WAS ALIVE XD No, really, apology accepted. BTW game still hates your guts but she doesn’t remember why. She just remembers that she does xD

  4. If only more people would read this!

  5. kka2297 said:

    awesome. :]

  6. Ikr? Sadly, the book is a pushover. The book takes place in England and is very informational. I don’t think I’m going to read it. Too busy with Harry Potter. tells you about the actual legend. That, is interesting. Turns out if you chant her name in a mirror 3 times she’ll appear! Remind me to put that in the story! Also, no one knows how she came to be 🙂 Therefore, there have been many different legends written about that. Think of this as one of those. It’s a movie trailer for the Legend of Bloody Mary. It’s creepy!

  7. omg how sweet of you 🙂 glad ya like it!

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